Etiquette from the Emily Post Institute

Etiquette and Advice from the Emily Post Institute
1-800-FLOWERS.COM has teamed up with the Emily Post Institute, the world's leading authority on etiquette, to provide you with pointers on gift-giving and other advice for expressing yourself in various situations in life.

Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what the appropriate gift or sentiment is for a specific occasion or event. Since 1923, Emily Post has been the world's leading authority on gift giving and good manners.

Now in its third generation, the Emily Post Institute continues the tradition that Emily Post began by providing advice for the 21st century. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need to know exactly what to say and to give for any occasion.

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About the
Emily Post Institute
The Emily Post Institute, created by Emily in 1946 and run today by third generation family members, serves as a "civility barometer" for American society and continues Emily's work. That work has grown to address the societal concerns of the 21st century including business etiquette, raising polite children and civility in America.
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