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Birthstone Bottle Necklace
Product Code: 89576

Birthstone Bottle Necklace

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Make their birthday an inspiring celebration with a truly original gift of good luck and positive vibes. Featuring a glowing crystal, each vintage-inspired birthstone necklace arrives in a mini corked bottle, complete with a message inside letting the birthday recipient know a little about the meaning behind their birthstone.

  • Each color birthstone necklace features a crystal on a 14k gold plate
  • Arrives in a corked bottle with secret message inside about the inspiration behind the month's birthstone
  • Adjustable chain measures 16-18"L
  • January necklace features a garnet crystal
  • February necklace features an amethyst crystal
  • March necklace features an aquamarine crystal
  • April necklace features a clear crystal
  • May necklace features an emerald crystal
  • June necklace features an alexandrite crystal
  • July necklace features a ruby crystal
  • August necklace features a peridot crystal
  • September necklace features a sapphire crystal
  • October necklace features a tourmaline crystal
  • November necklace features a citrine crystal
  • December necklace features a blue zircon crystal

Bottle Messages

  • January message reads "This garnet birthstone crystal brings good luck and protection. Its qualities include purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship. Wear this and enjoy your life as it becomes more positive with each day."
  • February message reads: "The amethyst birthstone crystal will bring calm emotions and clarity. Wear this and feel the strength of your own intuition and motivation to live out all of your dreams."
  • March message reads: "Aquamarine birthstone crystals provide inner strength, courage and creativity. Wear this necklace and feel the power within you to create a life that is happy, healthy and peaceful."
  • April message reads: "Clear crystal birthstones provide purity and strength. Wear this necklace and enjoy the power within you to create a healthy, happy and pure life."
  • May message reads: "Emerald birthstone crystals symbolize love, happiness and success. They promote physical and mental healing. Wear this necklace and enjoy the emerald's great powers."
  • June message reads: "Alexandrite birthstone crystals symbolize innocence, health and peace. They promote mental well-being and creativity. Wear this necklace and enjoy the beauty of life."
  • July message reads: "Ruby birthstone crystals symbolize love, enthusiasm and strength. Wear this necklace and keep an open heart. Feel the love all around you."
  • August message reads: "Peridot birthstone crystals provide peace, happiness and luck. Wear your necklace and may your heart and mind be pure and faithful. Enjoy your success."
  • September message reads: "Sapphire birthstone crystals symbolize wisdom and clarity of mind and spirit. Wear this necklace and your brilliant, pure thoughts will illuminate your life."
  • October message reads: "Tourmaline birthstone crystals provide hope, purity, health and happiness. Feel a new sense of peace and compassion. Wear your necklace and enjoy what life has to offer."
  • November message reads: "Citrine birthstone crystals stand for wisdom, serenity and courage. Wear your necklace with optimism knowing each day will provide you with a clear mind and spirit."
  • December message reads: "Blue zircon birthstone crystals symbolize love, success and prosperity. Wear your necklace and feel peaceful and joyous knowing your life is filled with luck and happiness."

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