Fall's 10 Best Decorating Ideas

Intense, vibrant, lush...all these words describe Fall's most fabulous flowers, foods and gifts. So how can you capture all the colors, textures and styles of the season for your friends, family or yourself? Let us count the ways.

1. Pack the house with Autumn color! Our Pail of Posies is filled with fresh color and style. Send this gift of color-splashed lilies, poms and more, accented with Fall leaves and set in a stylish tin pail, as a colorful reminder of your love.

2. Harvest Fall's Majestic Beauty. Our Amber Waves bouquet features sunflowers, lilies, roses, Fall leaves, dried wheat and more, in a gorgeous ceramic bowl with a hand-painted design. After the flowers are spent, you can reuse the bowl as a decorative accent, fruit bowl, or potpourri holder.

3. Be Fresh. Fall's most vibrant blooms—Orange Roses and Calla Lilies—add a fresh splash of robust Autumn color and fragrance to any room in the house.

4. Greet Your Guests In Splendor. Here's a real show-stopper: our Autumn Beauty Silk Wreath. Crafted from silk leaves and shimmering with glittery accents, it's a gift that will have them thinking of you with love for years to come!

5. Bring Harvest Style to the Table. Our Fall Harvest Cornucopia is crafted from preserved wheat, leaves, pumpkins and acorns, in sensational colors. It makes a fabulous gift for family and friends, or to welcome your own Thanksgiving guests in seasonal style.

6. Just Add Charm. Our always spectacular Fall Harvest Wreath captures all the whimsy and charm of the season! It's beautifully crafted from preserved Fall leaves, acorns, berries and tansy and ready to impress both inside and out. Send this gorgeous wreath that's designed to pair with our Fall Harvest Cornucopia—to family, friends, or yourself.

7. Make a Statement. The color combination in the Martha Stewart Rose Magnolia Leaf Berry Bouquet is energizing, stimulating, fun and proud. This richly-hued bouquet is a magnificent gift choice when you want to help someone add a touch of drama to their home, convey feelings of love and passion, or say "I'm proud of you" following a promotion.

8. Bring the Harvest Home. Our Fall Mum in Autumn Harvest Planter features the season's most popular plant—the magnificent mum. Its fresh, classic blooms add vibrant color to dining rooms or dens, while the harvest wood planter adds texture to sunrooms or family rooms.

9. Get Glossy. Our sophisticated, fabulous Gardenia in Ceramic Planter brings sleek flair to any Fall celebration. Creamy white blooms and glossy green leaves inside a stunning cream-colored Yarri ceramic planter make a chic statement in the bedroom or on the mantel.

10. Set the Table With Style. Our Autumn Celebration Centerpieceoffers a tasteful floral side dish of sunflowers, mini carnations, roses, lilies and more, accented with realistic apples, preserved oak leaf and taper candles. It looks absolutely fabulous on your Thanksgiving table, at your hostess's home, or at any Autumn celebration.

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