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It's holiday time which means it's time to party! Here's some quick and fun ideas make this season's party scene memorable whether you're hosting your own or looking to attend a holiday gathering.

  1. Make it personal. Simple gifts can have the greatest impact. If you're giving to a host or hostess, try making it personal like their favorite bloom in a bouquet of fresh flowers, or their favorite candy or cookies. For a close friend or family member, attach a copy of an old holiday photo to really make the hostess gift stand out!
  2. Think ahead. There's a million things to remember when entertaining, you're your table should look as great as you do! Order a beautiful centerpiece ahead of time from your florist to brighten up the table or create a basket overflowing with small gifts, gourmet snacks or create a centerpiece around a bottle of wine and small wine glasses that will urge guests to toast to the holidays.
  3. Plant one on them. Traditional Poinsettia plants and evergreens always look terrific and classic, but for a new twist this season try adding holiday cactus in bright pots scattered around the tables or putting lights on palm trees and fichus plants to create a unexpected seasonal look.
  4. Dare to dazzle. A little sparkle always goes a long way during this time of year! Add fresh flowers in champagne flutes, bright jingle bells in glass vases or decorate gourmet baskets as centerpieces and add sit atop a bed of tinsel. Create a winter wonderland theme with frosted snow (available at most craft stores) and silver glitter and paint on tree limbs or serving trays.
  5. Shake it up. If you want to hold a party but you don't have time, why not enlist the help of everyone and have a holiday potluck and ask everyone to bring a favorite dish? Or host an appetizers and desserts only at your party. You can supply a main component?a bottle of wine, an appetizer, main dish or dessert?and then challenge your guests to outdo themselves! When guests leave, hand them a copy of all the recipes used for the evening.
  6. It?s ornamental. Create a stir at your guest's place settings and leave a bright and unique Christmas ornament that guests get to take home when they leave. If you're concerned if guests do not celebrate Christmas, stick to winter theme items like snowmen or snowflakes.
  7. Impress yourself. Look for a gift that impresses you such as a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, an oversized teddy bear, or a box of Waterford Champagne flutes?if you would enjoy receiving such a gift, you know it would be something a host or hostess would appreciate!
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