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Kissing Tips From the Expert

Kissing Tips From the Expert
By Andréa Demirjian


Valentine's Day. It is a celebration filled with the ultimate expressions of love: long stemmed red roses, heart-shaped boxes of ooey gooey chocolates, and unabashed queries from the heart for the heart. Hopefully, it's also a celebration filled with the sweetest of kisses with that certain someone who has captured your heart.

February 14th - The Most Romantic Day of the Year

For many, February 14th is synonymous with deliveries of beautiful bouquets, amorous notes and little surprise packages tied with thrills and frills all up in a bow. Then, if all goes as planned, it's capped with hand-holding and nuzzling over dreamy Valentine's dinners complete with soft candlelight and assorted appetizers, aphrodisiac in nature, where desire overfloweth like champagne from Cupid's fountain.

With all this romantic razzle-dazzle crackling like Technicolor fireworks against a clear night sky, there's bound to be some kissing, if not lots of kissing, afoot (or a-lip!). Considering this holiday is rooted in the Ancient Roman pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia, its no wonder this wonderful expression of love would abound!

Make Your Valentine's Kisses Happy Ones

With 45% of adults in the U.S. believing a romantic kiss is one of the most meaningful Valentine's Day gifts, and 50% expecting to receive one, it's important to guarantee extra special deliveries that no one will want to return. Here are some things to keep in mind while puckering up:

  • Floss & Gloss: A memorable kiss all starts with your lips and mouth. Floss and brush with more care than usual to make sure your teeth are sparkly clean and your breath snappy fresh (you wouldn't want to get dinged on a technicality!). As for your lips, moisturize daily and generously with an emollient (this goes for men too). You want your pucker smooth, soft, and sexy so they'll be coming back for more.
  • Get Mellow Yellow: Brilliant "snogging" (that's the "Queen's English" for kissing!) isn't just about an inviting mouth and supple lips, it's about the right mind and spirit. To give your smooches that winning sizzle, empty your head from the static of the day, and just concentrate on the pleasure you're about to give and/or receive. It will bring magic to the moment.
  • Create A Cozy Nook: Along with the right frame of mind, you need the right frame of mood. For especially comfy canoodling, light a few candles, play some dreamy music, nibble on some snacks and sip a lovely beverage, and curl up together like a yummy jellyroll. If you're in a restaurant, request a corner table (a booth is even better), and enjoy a little necking in your little nook. Or, create your own nook at home with a romantic dinner.
  • Spread A Little Love with a Kiss: This Valentine's Day, whether you are kissing your lover, friend or brother, remember to kiss with enthusiasm and respect, abandon and no regret. Kiss knowing each one counts for something. And forever be in quest of kissing.

Andréa Demirjian is a preeminent “kissing expert” and radio personality. Her book "Kissing – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures" (Penguin) is a sweet ‘n' sexy celebration of kissing and all things kissable. Visit
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