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Celebrate October 5th: America's Most Popular Birthday!

According to a recent database query, the most common birthday in the country is October 5th. On this day, over 968,000 people celebrate and over 12,500 new celebrants are born each year!

Generally on any given day, approximately 750,000 people celebrate their birthday, but the extra attention given the fifth day in October may have something to do with where it falls in the calendar year. If you count backwards, October 5th falls nine months after New Year's Eve, a traditional evening of love and romance.

What celebrities blow out the candles on October 5th? Actress Kate Winslett, model Nicky Hilton, singer and humanitarian, Sir Bob Geldof and author, Clive Barker!

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating on October 5th, the most popular day to have a birthday in America!


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