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Meet our Moms

Mother's Day means a lot to us. Especially when it comes to celebrating all the moms around here. We asked a few of our team members to tell us what it means to be a mom, and a little bit about a favorite Mother's Day arrangement, flower or gift that makes them smile.

Favorite Arrangement:

Mommy's Time Out™

"I have two beautiful kids. One in the first year of college and the other a high school sophomore. I'm at the point in my mommy-hood that I often feel like nothing more than a cash machine and a car ride. My kids are too old to respond to the term 'time out', but I love this Happy Hour arrangement because I need a time out!"

Favorite Arrangement:

Vase Expressions®
Personalized Vase

"I'm a rancher's daughter from Oklahoma, turned NYC suburban Mom of two children and a dog. What's so great about this customized Mother's Day gift is, after the flowers are gone, the insert can be framed making a lasting keepsake. I made one for my own mother with a picture of my children and their cousins and she was overjoyed!"

Favorite Arrangement:

English Country
Garden Roses

"These blooms remind me of when I would cut roses from my mother's garden and bring them inside for her. They're also the closest thing to roses from my own garden. My three kids haven't embraced this tradition yet, but they have given me my share of dandelion bouquets and paper flowers which is the next best thing."

Favorite Arrangement:

a-DOG-able® in a Basket

"I personally love dogs and we had a dog in our house when I was growing up. Our arrangement reminds me of him. It's so adorable! My 17-month old son also loves dogs and he starts saying 'bhoo bhoo' whenever he sees one. I have promised him when he becomes 5 years old, we will get him a dog."

Favorite Arrangement:

Garden of Grandeur™

"I am a fun and caring friend and mother to my talented daughter. Being a mom of a teenager, you rarely have time to stop and smell the flowers, so how fitting it is that this abundant arrangement is my favorite. It features a rainbow of colors and beautiful flowers that are fragrant and diverse."

Favorite Arrangement:

Sangria Bouquet™

"I am a proud first time mom to daughter Savannah. I didn't ever see myself as a mom when I was younger but these last 11 months have been the most amazing time of my life. I love the Happy Hour line - I'm not much of a drinker but these beautiful products sure do look yummy enough to drink!"

Favorite Arrangement:

Enchanting Tulips

"I'm the mother of three boys; one who embraces life, celebrates simple things and cherishes every moment with her children and the precious gifts they are. I love tulips because they are pure delight. They are enchanting and yet so simple, never too elegant or romantic. They're always just right. Much like children."

Favorite Arrangement:

Charming Rose Garden

"This beautiful plant makes me feel so peaceful. The white picket fence with flowers sprouting around it is something I've always wanted to have one day at my home."

Favorite Arrangement:

Mom Rules Fruit Bouquet

"I always try to be a cool, fun mom, but at the same time I'd like to think that in my son's eyes I rule the roost. That's why this gift is the perfect choice for me. Maybe then he won't pick up that he is really the captain of the ship. Who can resist the sweet, delicious, silliness of my 4-year old, Aidan - he just makes my heart melt!"

Favorite Arrangement:

Make Mom's Day™

"I am a mom of two boys, both over the age of 21. Raising my children was an unbelievable joy, but I miss the little things we used to do together. This arrangement helps reminds me of that time. I love vibrant, happy colors and such a colorful mix of blooms takes me back and always makes me smile."

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