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The Sunflower Shoppe

The Sunflower Shoppe

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  1. Sunflowers are the happiest flower on Earth and are guaranteed to deliver smiles.
    They'll also make passers-by and looky-looks smile, too.
  2. Sunflowers are listed as the favorite flower of more than 10 million people worldwide.
    Wait, that's an exaggeration. But trust us, a lot of people love sunflowers.
  3. The color yellow symbolizes wisdom, joy, happiness, energy and success.
    Sounds like the recipe for a great day!
  4. Our sunflowers come directly from the highest quality sunflower grower in the world.
    No fooling ? we only work with the best!
  5. Sunflowers look fantastic in a vase by themselves, but they also play well
    with others in the flower family. They're just way too nice.
  6. Depending on the season, we may carry up to seven different color
    of sunflowers. What, did you think sunflowers were only yellow?
  7. Sunflowers are hardy and can last up to 365 days with proper care.
    OK, it's more like 14 days, which you have to admit is still pretty impressive.
  8. Our sunflowers are basically free of pollen.
    That'll help cut down on sneeze time and boxes of tissues.
  9. Sunflowers were actually worshipped long ago by people such as the Aztecs.
    How many flowers can say that? Yay for sunflowers!
  10. Sunflowers are the valedictorian of the flower world. They're so smart, they have motor cells in their necks and move their heads around to soak up the maximum amount of sunlight. And they don't even need sunscreen!

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