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Surprise Your Tricksters with Fun Fall Treats!
Halloween creeps up on you and there?s no better way to surprise your tricksters than with tasty treats! Bewitch your family with these spellbinding suggestions to make their Halloween frighteningly fun!

Mr. Bones: Create this spooky skeleton and add Halloween fun to the breakfast table! To create Mr. Bones, simply use a silver dollar pancake for the head, bacon for his body, legs and arms, and orange slices for hands and feet. Finish this fun fellow off with candy corn for his eyes and nose and watch your kids make him disappear!

Scary Sandwich Fun: Use Halloween cookie cutters in the shape of bats, pumpkins and ghosts and turn a boring sandwich into a boo-tiful masterpiece. For very young children, place holiday cookie cutters directly on a slice of cheese for a healthy Halloween treat.

Spook-ghetti: Cook spaghetti according to package and drain. Add a small amount of green food coloring and butter. Mix together for a bright green spook-ghetti surprise!

Happy Jack Pizza: Order or prepare a plain cheese pizza. Give your family small bowls filled with pepperoni, pepper rings, mushrooms and sausage slices and let them create a their own grinning pizza that will rival any jack-o-lantern!

Grinning Ghost-Pops: This fun decoration is also a sweet, scary snack! Open a white paper dinner napkin to its full size and lay flat with the inside facing up. Place a round lollipop (still in its original wrapper) in the center of the napkin. Pull the napkin over the lollipop and use a rubber band to cinch the napkin, creating a head for the ghost. With a marker or pen, draw a smiling or scary face! Leave one at each place setting for a haunting reminder of Halloween fun!

Bewitching Cupcakes: These cupcakes will cast a spell on your favorite ghouls! Use a few drops of green food coloring in vanilla frosting to create the witches' green skin, then decorate their faces with chocolate chips for eyes, brown sprinkles for eyebrows, candy corns for noses and black licorice for hair (red, if your witch wants to make her own personal statement!) Get small mini-ice cream cones (pointed ones work best) to make the witches' hats--and get ready to feel bewitched!

Creature Feature: Don?t forget the Halloween punch! Add a clear lemon-lime soda to a large punch bowl; add lots of red food coloring. Next, add ice cubes with well-washed plastic spiders inside them.

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