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Drying Flowers for Baby?s Scrapbook

Drying Flowers for Baby?s Scrapbook

Keep those bouquets of flowers sent for baby?s arrival by having them dried or pressed. Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby in the past few years and nothing is more special then looking back on your memories in years to come. Preserve memories starting with your Baby?s first week and include flowers into your scrapbook. It?s easy.

Air-drying is the easiest method to dry flowers. They can be dried individually or in small bunches. Remove leaves from stems and make sure that they are bunched loosely and that there is enough air circulating throughout the bunch. Hang the flowers upside down in a dark, dry, warm room. When the stems are dry and rigid (approximately one to two weeks) the flowers are ready to be used.

Pressing is another method that is used to dry flowers. Weight pressing is a simple way to preserve individual or small bunches of roses. Simply place flowers (whole buds or just the petals) between the pages of a heavy book. You may want to line the pages with wax paper, to preserve the book. Close the book and place something heavy on top. After two or three weeks, the flowers are ready to be stored or used.

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