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Summer Décor Ideas
12 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Summer

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Winter's done, spring has sprung, and summer is finally here! Summertime is all about brightening up-so what better way to celebrate your easy, breezy state of mind than with these 12 simple steps to show off your summer flair for fun!

  1. Let the sunshine in! Replace heavy draperies with light, white sheers. Cover dark, heavy furniture with bright throws or runners. Place white-framed mirrors around the room to catch the light.
  2. Bring the great outdoors, indoors. Blooming, potted plants make great accents to your dining room, nightstands, kitchen counters or end tables. Or, place a vase of sunflowers in a bright room and watch them turn towards the sun.
  3. Color your world. Revive rooms with bright color! A sunny yellow, robin's egg blue or sea foam green paint adds pizzazz to old, tired walls.
  4. Be Fresh. Summer's hottest blooms - roses, orchids, sunflowers, alstroemeria and daises - add a welcome splash of summer color and fragrance to every room in your home. Go wild and mix and match the colors with fun vases and containers.
  5. Show Off Your Minis. When adding decorative touches, size matters. Keeping it small can add a touch of whimsy and surprise in unexpected places. Our Mini Margarita Bouquets add a touch of class to your luncheon table. And our Mini Watering Cans and Mini Violets in a Teacup let you bring the beauty of the garden to your kitchen counter or bedroom bookcase.
  6. Have Some Sun & Fun. Simple accessories can make ordinary rooms vibrant. Pastel birdhouses, exotic sea shells and crisp, colorful summer fruits in a bowl make for unforgettable decorative accents.
  7. Get crafty. Use dried flowers, twigs and berries to create stunning centerpieces and wreaths. Not the crafty type? Click here for wreaths and centerpieces that let you capture the mood of this wonderful season without all the work.
  8. Shake it up. Feeling really adventurous? Take some broken pottery or shells and decoupage a watering can, plate or vase for your summertime blooms.
  9. Call me Bloomer-ella. Clean out those grimy ashes in your hearth and replace them with a blooming azalea or a basket of colorful flowers to bring warmth into old winter haunts.
  10. Change is good. Move the furniture around to create a new look. Get rid of bulky old furniture and replace it with wicker. Paint an old bookcase or phone table bright white.
  11. Hail Caesar. Garlands aren't just for royalty or grand openings; they're a great way to add rustic charm and bold color to your mantle or over your entertainment center. Use fresh or dried roses and greens strung together and drape them across your curios or cabinets for a cheery conversation piece.
  12. Bring it to the table. Light, airy tablecloths and ice cream-colored place mats (think orange sherbet, iced coffee and mint ice cream), along with gleaming crystal and good china make eating-inside or out-a sheer delight. And gourmet delights like fresh fruit and cheese, decadent chocolates, and a bottle of perfectly aged Merlot give you an excuse to lounge about and enjoy your summery space.

Summer Gift Guide

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