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Your Mom's Flower Style

Your Mom's Flower Style

Find the Flower that's Right for Your Mom's Personality!

So now that you know what kind of Mom type you have, how do you know which kind of flower is right for her? This fun "Flower Guide" should help you choose a flower that fits your Mom's true style! Discover your Mom's floral personality and then surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement of that bloom from Now that's the way to celebrate Mom for who she is!

The Red Carpet Mom

Your Red Carpet Mom is all about style, glamour and panache. She always looks great no matter what the occasion. She's the definition of sophistication and elegance, and since she's also simply irresistible and totally spontaneous, she's a Tulip personality! They love the limelight and often cause a stir wherever they go! Always the trendsetter, just like the flower itself, this fun and fashion-conscious Mom keeps you on your toes, and makes every celebration fabulous from start to finish!

The Office Mom

The Office Mom is not only your biggest fan, she's also your best friend! She's a Carnation personality due to her true blue, lovable, reliable and loyal character. There's nothing phony about this Mom—what you see is what you get! A Carnation personality listens to you and helps you accomplish great things. Turn to your Office Mom whenever you need someone who can get results!

The Gourmet Mom

Your Gourmet Mom is all about making even life's little moments joyful. She probably slipped notes into your lunchbox when you were a kid and never missed a chance to say "I love you." This lovable Mom is a true Rose personality! Roses are classically elegant and always make an event more beautiful with their presence—just like your Mom! A Rose personality can be trusted to use her vivid imagination and affectionate nature to create unforgettable memories.

The Planet Friendly Mom

Expressive, sensational and striking, your Sunflower Mom wants everyone to sit up and take notice! She captivates everyone with her charm and before they know it, they're ready to help her save the world! The Planet Friendly Mom's Sunflower personality means she never does anything halfway—once she makes a commitment to something (or someone), she gives 100%! Life with the Planet Friendly Mom is simple but spectacular!

The Green Thumb Mom

Your Green Thumb Mom knows how to nurture things so that they thrive under any conditions. She saved the cards you made for her in the 1st grade and every grade after. Your Green Thumb Mom is a Daisy personality as much for her sentimental side as for her ability to endure and prosper. Her sweet, caring nature makes her a natural caregiver and gives everyone around her a reason to smile.

The On-The-Go Mom

Exotic, adventurous and never dull, expect your On-The-Go Mom to have an Orchid personality! Everything about them is dramatic, unique and unexpected, which is why the Orchid is not afraid to challenge you to take risks and see the world. Whether scaling the Andes or riding a burro down the Grand Canyon, life with an Orchid Mom is anything but boring!

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