Celebrate Mom for who she is
View Our Mother's Day Commercials
View Our Mother's Day Commercials

Over the last 15 years, millions around the country have become familiar with the face and voice of our company's founder and CEO Jim McCann. Since the early years of 1-800-FLOWERS, Jim has been the company's spokesman in our commercials, introducing new products, sharing advice as a florist, and just being a friendly voice to ring in big holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas.

The commercial to the right from 1998 is an example. In it, Jim introduced the Freshness Care System, one of many innovations that would revolutionize the industry.

Jim has traditionally been the solo star of our commercials (except for a brief stint in the company's early years when he shared the stage with Santa Claus and Father Time). However, as a special treat this Mother's Day, Jim has a very special young woman as his new co-star, offering Jim her own suggestions on how to make this year's Mother's Day's gifts all the more extraordinary.

If the young lady in these commercials playing Jim's daughter seems to be playing the part with uncanny authenticity, it's because in real life, she actually is Jim's daughter Erin! In addition to her new role as a TV star, Erin is also a merchandising manager here with whom many of us work every day, so we're thrilled to see her in her television debut!


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