Meet Our Growers

Rose Headquarters - Meet or Growers

  • Fresh From Our Growers roses are shipped via express overnight delivery in our specially-designed protective gift box, complete with a complimentary gift card; these roses will most often arrive in bud form in order to maximize freshness.
  • Roses delivered Fresh From Our Growers will have the phrase "shipped in a gift box" written under the product price; often this category features special roses varieties and colors, as well as exclusive values for our customers.
  • The roses that you receive in a gift box are cultivated from our select growers in South America, Europe and the United States. Our flower farms grow the highest quality rose varieties to ensure only the freshest roses will arrive to your recipient.
  • We ensure that when your roses arrive, they have been carefully groomed and hydrated during their travels, in order to guarantee the very best quality and satisfaction for you and your recipient.
  • Every rose bouquet also includes a full-color Flower Care booklet that contains easy-to-follow instructions for your recipient so they can enjoy the lasting beauty of their roses to the fullest.

International Delivery