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How Sweet It is!
Valentine Fun Facts on Sweet Treats!

Fun Facts on Sweet Treats

There are lots of good reasons to send Sweets & Food Gifts to your Valentine (but when it comes to sweets, do you really need a reason?). Chocolates, candies, cakes & cookies are the types of gifts that people love getting! Read on for sweet reasons why the way to the heart may now be through the sweet tooth!

  • Cavemen who ate honey from bee hives were the first ones to search high and low for sweet treats. (So we can't help ourselves?it's in our genes!)
  • During ancient times the Egyptians, Arabs and Chinese prepared confections of fruit and nuts candied in honey. (They liked candy too).
  • Chocolate has been used as a gift since the days of the Aztecs.
  • In the 1700s, the giving of Valentine's gifts became a common practice. Giving chocolates for Valentines probably became popular at the same time that chocolate stopped being exclusively for the rich and became available to the general public.
  • Chocolates for Valentine's Day remain the most popular gift idea for that holiday. While chocolate is far less expensive than jewelry, it's still considered a sumptuous treat.
  • Ten percent of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of iron is found in one ounce of baking chocolate or cocoa. And some candies, such as lollipops, candy canes, gummi bears, gum drops, licorice twists and sour balls are relatively low in calories - a cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins!
  • It was chocolate syrup, and not blood, that rained down the drain in the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Psycho. What a sweet way to go!

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