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Colors Show How Much You Care

Valentine Roses: Colors Show How Much You Care!
Give your Valentine a romantic surprise with roses that convey just how you feel!

Rose Colors and their meanings
  • Red - is the ultimate romantic way to say "I love you," but also stands for courage and respect. A great color to send to a military Mom.
  • White - is the color of innocence and also conveys the message, "You're heavenly." It's a great gift for a new love.
  • Red & White together - or white roses with red edges, signify unity. What a terrific surprise for a newlywed couple or your first Valentine's together!
  • Pink - symbolizes grace, sophistication and elegance. Deep pink stands for gratefulness and appreciation. Light pink conveys admiration. What a great color to make a statement of love to that one you've been flirting with!
  • Yellow - stands for joy, gladness and friendship. Imagine the look on your true love or best friend's face when they receive a dozen sunny yellow roses delivered to their door!
  • Coral or Orange - symbolizes enthusiasm and desire. It's time to get off the fence and declare your love to your secret crush!
  • Pale Colors - convey warmth and friendship. Send these to your gal pals or sisters who have been there through thick and thin.
  • A Dozen Roses - stand for "there are dozens of ways I care about you."
  • A Single Rose - stands for simplicity. In full bloom it means, "I love you" or "I love you still," and a bouquet of roses in full bloom signifies "I'm so thankful that you are in my life"
  • Two Roses - taped or wired together to form a single stem signals an engagement or coming marriage. What a unique way to propose!
  • Two Dozen Rose - stands for the 24 hours in a day, and tell your loved one you think about them every hour!
  • Three Dozen Roses - signify a romantic attachment unlike any other. A truly exceptional surprise they'll remember long after the flowers are gone!
  • Four Dozen Roses - mean unchanging and unconditional love. Sent to that one-and-only Valentine, it's a gift of extraordinary extravagance they couldn't possibly resist

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