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Etiquette and Advice from the Emily Post Institute

Business Congratulations Etiquette

According to Peggy Post and Peter Post, co-authors of The Etiquette Advantage in Business, the following suggestions will help you celebrate a co-worker’s promotion, accomplishment or happy life event.
  • It is a very gracious and respectful act to acknowledge a colleague’s success. A hand-written note or a card that you picked out yourself are simple ways to do this. Keep a box of note cards in your desk drawer so you can write a note before you forget.
  • For the promotion of a close colleague, consider giving a business-appropriate gift: either a temporary gift such as flowers or food, or a lasting gift that may remain on their desk or wall for months or years to come.
  • Take your office mate out to lunch. When extending the invitation, let him or her know that the celebration is your treat.
  • If there is an office party at work or at a restaurant or bar, have fun but avoid the following pitfalls: drinking too much, dressing inappropriately, talking too much about your personal life or talking negatively about other co-workers.
  • If you have received a wedding invitation from a co-worker, send a gift even if you don’t attend. If you weren’t invited (don’t fret: many people like to keep home and work separate), you may still choose to send a gift, singly or as a team or department, but know that it is not expected.

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