Birthday Flower Cake ® - Green and Yellow
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Birthday Flower Cake ® - Green and Yellow

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Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery

EXCLUSIVE Our signature floral birthday cake may look good enough to eat, but it's actually crafted from fresh mini carnations and poms, and can last for days after their celebration is complete. Now with a new green and yellow recipe.

  • Fresh, hand-crafted cake-shaped arrangement of mini carnations and cushion poms in floral foam, topped with a single rose
  • Includes a cake skirt, candles and a bakery box where available
  • Arrangement measures approximately 7"H x 8"D
  • Our florists select the freshest flowers available so floral colors and varieties may vary

What’s The Story?

Flowers and cake have been the go-to-gift for birthdays and special events dating all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Our signature floral birthday cake marries these two popular, age-old traditions with a bold new twist.
The Birthday Flower Cake® is the most popular birthday gift 1-800-Flowers has ever designed! Celebrate their big day in unique style with our Birthday Flower Cake and watch them enjoy some calorie-free fun!

The History of the Birthday Flower Cake
An excerpt from Jim McCann’s book, Stop and Sell the Roses

The No-Calorie Layer Cake—The Birthday Flower Cake

One of our best money-making ideas came from a bull session on one of my trips. We had visited a number of our BloomNet florists. BloomNet is a nationwide network of 2,500 flower shops that we have handpicked to fulfill our orders. They have the right customer service attitude and take service seriously. As we talked with florists in a number of towns, I kept hearing the same message: “We want to be able to do something more with our craft capability.” It made sense, come to think of it: if you are in the flower business, the odds are you have an artistic bent. You want to do something more than wrap up a dozen roses and send them out with the driver.

One night, toward the tail end of the trip, I brought up this subject with a group of florists. It just so happened that Lily Buckland, one of our fulfilling florists near Denver, was celebrating her birthday. That night we all went to dinner at one of those Rocky Mountain places where they serve you a steak the size of a German shepherd. We fell deep into conversation about what we might do by way of a new offering for birthdays—something that only a florist could do. At that very moment, the lights dimmed and the waiters filed over with a big beautiful birthday cake with sugar flowers all over it. As Lily took a deep breath to blow out the candles, a little light went off in each diner’s well-fed brain: “A-ha! What about a birthday cake made entirely of flowers?”

The next day, before we flew out, I went down to one of our BloomNet shops and a bunch of us clipped stems and wove leaves around a wire frame and made a proto-type birthday flower cake. Good idea, but the cake wasn’t there yet.

We sent the word to all of the BloomNet florists. Could they submit a design for a birthday flower cake? The winner would get a trip to New York with their significant other and two tickets to see Whoopi Goldberg in A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. One of our Long Island florists, Carolyn Ahmad, worked with my sister Julie and with key associate Jerry Rosalia. Together they dreamed up an incredible cake design. They went with it. The Birthday Flower Cake is the single most successful design we have ever had.”©1998 Jim McCann