International intern Kerry McGlinchey shares her internal perspective at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and tells us how much she has learned during her summer internship:

International Intern Kerry McGlinchey“My internship as part of the International team at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has not only given me the opportunity to leverage my major, East Asian Studies, but also expand and explore the areas of search engine optimization, email marketing, and website development. My major has taught me how to respect and handle cultural differences in a business setting, however interning has allowed me to explore how companies function internally. I have had the opportunity to work in digital social media – exploring the options of a social media platform for international. I have had the opportunity to learn about regional differences in search engine optimization, as well as about the social responsibility of a company through the Summer of a Million Smiles initiative, in which employees help to deliver smiles to deserving members of local communities.

My most valuable experience this summer has been owning a project and working to bring it to fruition. I have learned the challenges of marketing to an international audience, from language barriers and cultural differences to SEO and varied email compliance laws. This experience has taught me how to develop a strategy and think of every challenge that may prevent it from working. As a rising senior at Emory University, these lessons will be crucial for me as I transition to a full-time career.”

– Kerry McGlinchey, International intern, Emory University


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