Keith Hoge, an intern in the SEO department, shares his story as to how wanted to explore the business world and how 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has enabled him to do so:

SEO Intern Keith Hoge“As a mechanical engineering major, I never had much opportunity to learn a lot about the business side of the “working world”. To me, business was just something that my parents did. I was always curious about business, but between a big course load and rugby practice, I never had a chance to take any classes outside of engineering. So, when I heard of the internship program at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM I knew that this was my chance to jump right into work at a company that is a leader in the e-commerce industry.

I decided that this was my chance to explore other options outside of engineering and add diversity to my skill set. So far, my experience here has been nothing short of amazing. Instead of doing just administrative or mundane tasks, I feel that I am doing work that is helping the company move forward in its continued success. My team truly cares about whether or not I am learning and they present me with a new challenge each day. With the help of everyone on my team, I learn to overcome these challenges and push myself. I hope to possibly pursue a business minor and use what I have learned here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM at school and for the rest of my career.”

– Keith Hoge, SEO Department, Cornell University


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