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August 9, 2012

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The History of Flowers at the Olympics Games

August 9, 2012
Olive Laurel Wreath

Olive laurel wreaths were used in ancient Olympic Games.

Every four years the overwhelming event known as the Olympic Games captures the entire world as all of the greatest athletes gather together to proudly compete for their home country. With almost 300 events in 26 different sporting events, sometimes the minor details and hard work that go into the Olympics tend to get overlooked. One of those things is something that everyone sees but does not necessarily understand the importance of: the flower bouquets.

The history of flowers at the Olympic Games dates all the way back to Ancient Greece, the competing athletes in the first games were given Olive leaf wreathes that were placed on their heads. At the time this was the only reward the athletes received, the medals did not come until much later. The presence of flowers finally sprung up during the Victorian era, where each individual flower was thought to have a different meaning. These meanings have carried over into the present representations of the Olympic Bouquets given to athletes on the champions’ podium after every event.
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