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November 15, 2012

DIY Flower Crafts

Cute Thanksgiving Craft Idea for Kids: Sunflower Turkeys

November 15, 2012
Thanksgiving Bouquet of Sunflower Turkeys

Thanksgiving Bouquet of Sunflower TurkeysAre your kids looking for something to do on Turkey Day … other than patiently wait for the bird to roast in the oven? This Thanksgiving craft idea will keep the little ones busy while you cook up a delicious feast for the family, and you’ll have an adorable centerpiece that your guests will rave about as they gobble down their food!

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

Construction Paper (or colored cardstock or foam)
Sunflower bouquet*
Googly eyes or candy eyes

*The Harvest Spice Bouquet is the perfect arrangement to use for this craft. You can use the daisies to create turkeys too!

How to Make a Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

How to Cut a Turkey out of Construction Paper

  1. Cut out the shapes shown above using brown, orange, red and yellow construction paper. (You can also use cardstock or foam for sturdier turkeys.) Continue Reading…