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June 13, 2013

Delivering Smiles

1-800-Flowers.com Partners With the Cancer Research Institute to Help Conquer Cancer

June 13, 2013

White Daisies From the 1-800-Flowers.com Fight With White Collection It’s time to stand up and join the fight against cancer: June is Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month!

Every day, new advances are being made in a revolutionary new treatment called cancer immunotherapy: a type of therapy that strengthens the immune system’s ability to overcome the disease. To show our support and increase awareness of this research, 1-800-Flowers.com has teamed up with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to raise funds for their ongoing efforts to put an end to cancer.

As one of the many events this month that help the public learn more about cancer immunotherapy and help save the lives of more cancer victims, 1-800-Flowers.com team members participated in Wear White for a Cure Day on June 7th and donated their funds to CRI. Check out a few photos of us sharing some smiles and proudly showing our support at the office:

The 1-800-Flowers.com Team Showing Their Support for Wear White for a Cure Day

The 1-800-Flowers.com Team Showing Their Support for Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month

The 1-800-Flowers.com Team Wearing White to Show Support for Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month

And now you can join forces with us too! As a proud partner of the Cancer Fight With White Classic All-White ArrangementResearch Institute, 1-800-Flowers.com has created the Fight With White collection of white-themed flowers and gifts to deliver smiles of hope to everyone. Every time you make a purchase for yourself or a loved one, 10 percent of net proceeds will be donated to CRI! So show your support for Cancer Awareness Month and dress up your home or office with a beautiful white bouquet. With your help, we’ll get one step closer to finding a cure for cancer!

Fun Flower Facts

The History of the Money Tree Bonsai

June 13, 2013

Learn all about the Pachira Plant!

Money TreeThe lore surrounding the history of the Money Tree (or the Pachira plant) dates back many centuries. Legend has it that a poor Taiwanese farmer found a small Pachira plant growing in his field one day. He was struck by its beauty and, realizing that he might be able to use this tree to escape poverty, he decided to grow and sell these mysterious plants that were growing in his field. He soon became one of the wealthiest people in Taiwan and, attributing his wealth to the Pachira plant, he dubbed it the Money Tree.
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