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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

The INTERNal Perspective of Marketing Intern Liza Pititto

July 30, 2013

Marketing intern Liza Pititto shares her internal perspective working at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Hear how she has contributed to the Marketing team and how she has learned from her summer internship:

Marketing Intern Liza Pititto“Assigned to intern with Marketing this summer, I was glad to learn that my team didn’t believe in just giving busy work to their interns. The team assigned projects that directly affected the company’s business, so by the end of the day I felt I made an impact in the department. Of course at first, I felt totally out of my element as this is my first internship.  However after talking to my manager, he explained different aspects of what the marketing team was doing, whether it be the ins and outs of Google Adwords (an online marketing tool), or what we were doing with our company’s social media pages. These experiences made me realize that 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has a family-like atmosphere. Employees treat me like a colleague as opposed to an intern, which gives me confidence in my role. While my manager has many tasks to handle, I appreciate the time he took out of his day to mentor me and explain the inner workings of the Marketing department.

Recently, Jim McCann held a Lunch-and-Learn for the interns (where else but 1-800-FLOWERS.COM do the interns develop a relationship with the CEO of the company?)  During this hour, he told us the story of his company, spoke of next steps for the company, and even asked for new ideas from the interns.  1-800-FLOWERS.COM is interested in the input of their interns, and I have no doubt that many of these ideas will come to fruition.  Overall, I am extremely excited to be working at such a dynamic company and can truly say that this internship was an opportunity of a lifetime. “

– Liza Pititto, Marketing Intern, Cornell University

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

The INTERNal Perspective of Human Resources Intern David Alter

July 29, 2013

Human Resources intern David Alter shares his internal perspective. He shares his experience being the team leader of a video project that was to be presented at a company-wide meeting. Here is his experience:

Human Resources Intern David Alter“Ever have an experience where you genuinely were not sure where to go or where to start?  Having worked with a group of interns for Summer 2013 at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, I know the feeling well.  At first, it was just an internship; something to do over the summer or in my case, something to explore in a new field of business.  My situation was a little different than most of the interns.  Having been a few years out of college the career change was certainly an experience in itself.  I came into the program a few months earlier as I was attending Hofstra part time for the last couple of years in their MBA program.  Still, I was nervous that I would be one of the much older interns.

One of the better experiences I had over the course of the summer was the experience of developing an intern video for the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM kickoff meeting.  Each year, the company hosts a kickoff meeting to begin the new fiscal year, share the past year’s successes and goals for the next year. Having been my first true corporate experience at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, we were not sure how to execute the video.  As a result, I approached the video production experience as I did any other experience; as an adventure!

Kick Off Meeting Video AssignmentMy group (having been elected team leader) shared both ideas and initial feelings of nervousness but the best experience we shared was getting the job done.  Working with the team, it was my responsibility to delegate a lot of the ‘scenes’ and functions, and we could not have worked better as a team.  For someone who was used to a true team environment, I was so glad I was able to find that at the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM internship program.  I am excited for next year’s team, and the ‘adventures’ that await us all!”

– David Alter, Human Resources Intern, Hofstra University MBA

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

2013 INTERNal Perspective: Kirsten Knott |

July 27, 2013

Web Marketing intern Kirsten Knott is a returning intern here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Hear how she has learned from last year’s internship and used that knowledge to help her throughout the summer:

Web Marketing Intern Kirsten Knott“Last summer, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Last year I learned a lot about the corporate world, the flowers business and who I want to be as a soon-to-be professional. However, the biggest thing I learned during my time at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM was the concept of corporate social reasonability. Before 1-800-FLOWERS.COM I wasn’t aware that businesses implemented giving back into their business models. After seeing how 1-800-FLOWERS.COM embraced this concept in various ways, including their Summer of a Millions Smiles campaign, I was extremely inspired.

After leaving 1-800-FLOWERS.COM at the end of last summer, I went back to Iona College where I dedicated a majority of my senior year researching and studying corporate social reasonability. This concept was something I grew an immense passion for because it connected my two passions of public relations and mission work.

This summer, I was ecstatic to be able to come back to the company that inspired me as a second time Web-Marketing Intern. During my past few months with the company I have vastly expanded on the knowledge I learned last summer. I also have the privilege to notice the huge strides and improvements the company has made in the past year. It’s uplifting to see so many people work to learn and make an already successful company even better. I will always be honored and grateful to say that 1-800-FLOWERS.COM is a company that played a huge part in my professional development.”

– Kirsten Knott, Web Marketing Intern, Iona College

Wedding Flowers

Easy and Elegant DIY Flower Place Cards for Your Wedding

July 26, 2013

DIY Flower Place CardThese days, DIY brides are always looking for new, creative and inexpensive ideas to help their guests find their places at the table. But sometimes the simplest place cards make for the prettiest, most elegant tablescapes. And what could be more chic than welcoming your loved ones to their seats with a single long-stem flower? For an easy yet stunning way to show your guests where to plant themselves, make these DIY flower place cards!

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Flower Place Cards

Several sheets of white cardstock
Printable place card template
Paper Trimmer
Hole puncher
Border punch
Mixed bouquet of silk or fresh long-stemmed flowers*

* Make sure you buy enough bouquets so that you have one single flower stem for each of your guests.

How to Make DIY Flower Place Cards

Printed Place Card Template

  1. Download this free and customizable printable place card template, which has enough place cards for 12 guests. For each card, click on the word “Name” and highlight it. Type in the name of a guest, and then adjust the font size and style to suit your taste. (In order to fit the name on the card, make the font size smaller if the name is long, and larger if the name is short.) You can even add a table number and a personal message too! Once you type the name, make sure there is enough space to punch a single hole into the left edge of the card. If you’d like your place card to have a fancy border, make sure there’s enough space to use a border punch on the right edge of the card too. Repeat for each card, making one card per guest. Feel free to adjust the size of your cards if you want to make them larger or smaller. When all of your guest cards are ready, print the template onto white cardstock.Trimmed Place Card Templates
  2.  Use a paper trimmer to cut out the cards along their borders and ensure your cut lines are straight.Hole Punched Into Place Card With a Hole Puncher
  3. Take a hole puncher and punch a hole directly at the center of the left-hand edge of each place card.Decorative Border Punched Into Place Card With Border Punch
  4. Using a border punch, punch a border along the right-hand edge of each place card.Ribbon Measured and Cut for DIY Flower Place Card
  5. With a scissor, cut one piece of ribbon (about 11-12 inches long) for each card.Ribbon Looped Through Place Card
  6. For each place card, take one piece of ribbon and fold it in half. To attach the ribbon to the card without making a knot, poke the folded end of the ribbon through the hole of the card. Open the folded end of the ribbon to create a loop, and then string the cut ends of the ribbon through the loop. Pull on the cut ends to tighten the ribbon.Silk Flower Trimmed to Fit on a Plate to Make a DIY Flower Place Card
  7. Now, take a single long-stemmed flower (fresh or silk) out of your bouquet. Trim the flower stem so that the flower is the same size as your guest’s plate.Place Card Tied to Silk Flower
  8. Taking the loose ends of the ribbon on the place card, tie the place card tightly to the stem of the flower. Your flower place card is complete! Place it on your guest’s plate on top of a folded napkin for a ravishing presentation. Repeat step Nos. 6 and 7 for each place card.

These flower place cards don’t just add show-stopping style and romance to your table décor; they also make beautiful and inexpensive takeaway gifts for your friends and family. And they’re not just for fancy weddings, either. DIY flower place cards are perfect for a laid-back picnic, a backyard barbecue, or any outdoor soiree too!

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

INTERNal Perspective: Nicholas Karatzas |

July 25, 2013

Nicholas Karatzas, a Franchise Marketing intern at, gives us his internal perspective and tells us how feels like a “family business” despite its size:

Franchise Marketing Intern Nicholas Karatzas“Interning here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has taught me that even a large corporation is still able to work as a family business. On the outside it may seem like an average corporation but internally there is a sense of family and community. Everyone here is so passionate and dedicated to making people smile, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be given such an opportunity.  I have learned concepts of business such as ethics first, morals first, smiles first, and business second and that makes all the difference in a company.

Recently I have been coordinating VIP orders for some celebrities and personalities that 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has existing relationships with. All in all, I enjoy my time here, from all the “Lunch and Learns” to my colleagues.  Working under Lisa Hendrickson and Jillian Snell’s direction in franchise marketing was such a great experience.  They taught me how to develop a positive and inspirational relationship with a manager.  Their motivation truly inspired me to do my best, and I hope to take that with me when I enter the business world.”

– Nicholas Karatzas, Franchise Marketing Intern, Marist College

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

The INTERNal Perspective of Mobile Marketing Intern Jeff Gottlieb

July 24, 2013

Mobile marketing intern Jeff Gottlieb shares his experiences at Hear how he became the team leader of his INTERNtainment video group and the lessons he learned over the summer:

Mobile Marketing Intern Jeff Gottlieb“As a Junior majoring in business with specializations in marketing and strategy at Cornell University, I never truly had professional experience in the marketing field.  Throughout my junior year, I applied to numerous marketing internship programs. When I was extended an offer to be a marketing intern at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM with the Online, Mobile, and Social team, I immediately accepted.

Over the course of this internship, my managers have given me plenty of responsibilities. For example, I have gone through 1-800-FLOWERS.COM mobile website’s checkout process countless times in order to create testing materials. Ultimately, these tests should provide insight into optimizing the mobile website.  I really appreciate that my managers trust me to take on these responsibilities, because it makes me feel part of the team. My team motivates me to work to the best of my abilities, and I am proud to deliver them the results they need.

Kick Off Meeting Video Assignment1-800-FLOWERS.COM really puts effort into making sure the interns get to know one another.  Aside from the “Lunch and Learn” seminars, one other fantastic intern bonding exercise was  the INTERNtainment video project. For the Annual Kickoff Meeting, President Chris McCann asked the interns to make videos that would be shown at the meeting. After splitting up into teams, my group and another group came up with the same idea of doing our own take on the TV show “The Office.” From my sketch comedy group background, I decided to be the team leader of this “mega-group”. Making the video was a fantastic experience for all- we even got Chris McCann to appear in our video! This project allowed me to really bond, connect, and network with other interns who I would not normally work or interact with on a daily basis. I really appreciate how much 1-800-FLOWERS.COM cares about their interns.”

– Jeffrey Gottlieb, Mobile and Online Marketing Intern, Cornell University

DIY Flower Crafts

How to Decorate Back to School Notebooks With Flowers

July 23, 2013
Back to School Notebook Decorated With Flowers

Back to School Notebook Decorated With FlowersNow that your little scholar’s wardrobe is complete with a DIY flower headband for the new school year, it’s time to glam up her school supplies too! Every child loves a cool and unique notebook, so why not make her one that all her classmates will envy? Here’s how to decorate back to school notebooks with our favorite thing in the world: flowers!

Materials Needed for Decorating Back to School Notebooks

Flat paper (or silk) flower
Hot glue gun

How to Decorate Back to School Notebooks

Ribbon Used to Decorate Back to School Notebook

  1. Once your child has picked out her brand-new notebook for the fresh school year, get a hold of some ribbon that matches the color and design of the book.Ribbon Tied Around Back to School Notebook
  2. With scissors, cut a piece of ribbon that is long enough to be wrapped once around the outside of the book vertically and tie the ends into a knot. Tie the knot tightly, but loose enough that the ribbon can be easily slipped on and off the book. Trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.Flower Glued to Ribbon for Back to School Notebook Decoration
  3. Remove the ribbon from the book, without untying the knot. Using a hot glue gun, carefully glue a flat paper (or silk) flower onto the ribbon, right on top of the knot. Allow the glue to dry completely before slipping the ribbon back onto the book.Back to School Notebook Decorated with Flowers and Ribbon
  4. Put the ribbon back on the book and adjust the ribbon so that the flower sits on your desired spot on the cover.

The great thing about this flower decoration is that it doesn’t just keep the notebook closed so loose papers don’t fall out; it also doubles as a bookmark. Plus, if the ribbon is large enough, it can be used as a pretty headband too. Another awesome back to school accessory to start off the school year right!

For more great DIY ideas for the back to school season, check out this tutorial on how make your own pencil vase as a gift for teacher.

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

The INTERNal Perspective of Retail Marketing Intern Morgan Foster

July 22, 2013

Retail Marketing intern Morgan Foster shares her internal perspective and she tells us about the wonderful experiences she has had at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM this summer:

Retail Marketing Intern Morgan Foster“After graduating as a Communications major with a focus in Education, I was unfamiliar with many of the terms and “lingo” heard in the business world. However, thanks to my colleagues and friends that I have made during my experience at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, I have never felt left behind or out of place.

Before this summer my understanding of being an intern meant doing small tasks and errands around the office and not really experiencing a strong sense of responsibility. However, at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM as a Franchise and Retail Marketing intern, they truly value what you bring to the table. The employees explain each and every detail for the task assigned, and welcome all questions and suggestions.

Looking back, I am surprised at how much I have learned in the short weeks that I have been here. The employees really take their time to get you involved and keep you updated on various exciting projects. I have had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities from lunch meetings with employees to working on floral arrangements for the Summer of a Million Smiles. I look forward to taking everything that I have learned during this summer and applying it to future endeavors down the road.”

– Morgan Foster, Franchise and Retail Marketing, College of Wooster


Baby Gift Giving Traditions Around the World

July 22, 2013

With all the interest surrounding the birth of the royal baby, we’ve pulled together some of the most unique baby gift giving traditions from different cultures around the world. Here are some of our favorites:

EgyptNew Baby Gifts Palm Plant

In Egypt, a palm with a blue eye is traditionally given to newborn babies. It is usually attached to their clothing, giving them protection from the “evil eye.”


In India, baby girls are given silver ankle bracelets when they are born. Body decoration is a very popular tradition in India. It is thought that silver represents strength and brings hope that the baby will grow up to be strong and healthy.
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DIY Flower Crafts

How to Make a DIY Flower Headband for Back to School

July 22, 2013

DIY Flower Headband for Back to SchoolA brand-new school year is waiting to bloom, and you know what that means: Your little girl will want to look picture-perfect on her first day! A DIY flower headband is the perfect accessory for your straight-A student to express her individuality … and stand out as the best-dressed scholar of her class. Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial on how you can make one together.

Materials Needed for DIY Flower Headband

One silk flower
One thick plastic headband
Hot glue gun
Green yarn

How to Make a DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

  1. Let your daughter choose a silk flower in her favorite color, size and shape. Tell her to get creative and pick the one that best fits her beautiful personality.
  2. Now it’s time for you to help your little one with the tricky part. Depending on your daughter’s age, the remaining steps may be too dangerous for her to do on her own, so let her watch while you do them. Using a pair of scissors, cut off the top of the silk flower from the stem, leaving about 1 ½ inches of the stem intact below the flower head. Snip one large leaf from the stem too.
  3. Position the flower and leaf flat at the top of the headband, off-center and slightly tilted forward so the face of the flower points out toward you.
  4. With a hot glue gun, carefully glue the flower and leaf to the headband. The glue gun is super-hot, so make sure your little one doesn’t get her hands on it!
  5. To make sure the flower and leaf are extra-secured on the headband, use green yarn to tie them onto the headband. Tie them at the stem directly underneath the flower petals so the yarn doesn’t show when your daughter wears the headband.

Voila! A perfectly posh accessory to start off a successful and stylish new school year!

What kind of bloom would your daughter want to put on her back-to-school flower headband?