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Corporate Gift Guide: 20 Amazing Gift Picks for Your Employees

October 27, 2020

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur, Inside Business provides you with advice and best practices to help you better manage your business. From tips on workplace gifting to financial guidance and everything in between, we provide solutions from top executives and business leaders that will help you find your organization’s unique point of difference.

The best gift-givers have one thing in common: they find a gift that they know the recipient will love, whether it’s something useful, luxurious, or just plain fun. Giving gifts to your employees should be no different. Break the mold of the one-size-fits-all present and find something that will show your employees just how much you care. Here are 20 amazing gift ideas based on the secrets of the best givers.

Focus on the experience

Some of the most memorable presents are ones that foster an immersive experience. From delicious food gifts to personalized fragrances, try one of these thoughtful gestures that tap into all the senses.

Eggs Benedict Box

Rise and shine! Just add eggs and you have all the fixings for a delicious gourmet breakfast. The Eggs Benedict Box serves around four people — perfect for a lazy, Sunday morning feast.

Warmth & Happiness Blanket Wrap and Mug Gift Set

Winter is coming — encourage your team to cozy up and relax on the weekends with this soft, wearable blanket and simple, chic “Happy” mug to fill with a favorite hot beverage. It’s the perfect recipe for self-care.

Waft Personalized Fragrance

Woodsy or citrus? Bright or smoky? You can let your giftee answer those questions when they curate a personalized scent based on their style, mood, and preferences. Waft, a prestigious perfumer, uses the info to craft each bespoke bottle.

Fondue for You

Melting chocolate sounds easy, but too often it either burns or takes forever to get a perfect consistency. This DIY fondue set that comes with a microwaveable mug and vented lid, melting chocolate, and fresh strawberries makes it simpler and chicer than ever for delicious duo dipping.

Virtual Flower Arranging Workshop

Farm-fresh flowers: check. Stylish vase: check. Putting it all together: not yet. Now, Alice’s Table offers a complete flower kit and virtual master class to learn how to create a beautiful floral arrangement.

Buy something they wouldn’t buy themselves

The most undervalued gifts are ones that your recipient didn’t even know they needed! It’s not necessarily one that’s a luxurious splurge (though that is nice, too), it’s the practical and useful gifts that are high on beauty and fun too.

Max Brenner First Aid Chocolate Box

Tough client? Late night? Help brighten their day with chocolate. This cheeky tin comes packed with Max Brenner’s famous gourmet confections like milk chocolate cubes filled with hazelnut praline and cocoa cookies.

La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Cream Trio

From extra washing to cold weather, winter hands need a little extra TLC. Enter: La Chatelaine luxury hand creams. They deeply moisturize and leave an intoxicating lavender scent and are the perfect size to stash wherever you need them, from your desk to your car.

Popcorn Factory Smiley Face 3 Way Tin

A true smile-bringer, this two-gallon smiley face popcorn tin is great for any occasion. It offers 32 cups of popcorn bliss. With butter, cheese, and caramel flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Airplant Terrarium

Even employees with a black thumb will enjoy this unique Tillandsia terrarium, which has the ability to grow without being rooted in soil. It’s beautiful and simple enough to hang in a home office or any corner that can benefit from a burst of life.

Charcoal Spa Basket

Be on trend with this charcoal-infused spa basket — beauty insiders are clamoring for charcoal products for the detoxifying and relaxing effects. This one is filled with a body scrub, shower gel, bath bomb, and more.

Surprise and delight

Opening a gift should be a moment of unexpected happiness. These gifts are fun, festive, and above all, memorable.

Magnetic Succulent Trio by Real Simple

These three small succulents go beyond basic desktop accessorizing and will add a bit of life to unexpected places. The trio of magnetic, stylish containers can be fixed to file cabinets, refrigerators, you name it, for a surprising pop of plant.

Unicorn Sparkle Berries

What’s better than a chocolate-covered strawberry? One that is dipped and decorated to look like a magical unicorn. Covered in pastel sugars, these strawberries look as good as they taste.

Merry Christmas Bonsai

Now you can add some holiday cheer to any desktop. Light it up with a juniper bonsai tree that arrives with a string of multi-colored, battery-powered LEDs.

How’s It Hanging Popcorn Tin

Tame the afternoon slump with these adorable popcorn-filled tins. From a day-dreaming sloth to a fabulous flamingo, the bucket comes with a trio of classic butter, cheese, and caramel popcorn — the perfect antidote for a snack attack.

Good Day Smiley Socks

Start their day off right with a fun pair of emoji-inspired smiley face socks. The message says it all: “Gonna Be a Good Day” is printed on each toe.

Give gifts with personalized meaning

It’s true that it’s the thought that counts. The best gifts share a personal message or meaning and amp up the sentimentality.

A Money Tree

Brighten up someone’s desk with a beautiful Money tree. Not only do live plants boost happiness and air quality, according to feng shui enthusiasts, the seven leaf stems allegedly bring extra luck and attract the energies of wealth and prosperity.

31 Days of Kinds Notes for Inspiration

Words matter. Each glass jar is filled with a motivational message from notables like Oprah, “Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher,” and Vince Lombardi, “It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.”

You’re Amazing Personalized Box

Not only does this gift box of chocolate come with 45 pieces of premium Belgian chocolate, you have room on the lid to add a customized message. It’s one sentimental sweet treat.

An Olive Tree

Ever heard the phrase “extend an olive branch”? Another option in the hidden language of plants is the olive tree, which symbolizes abundance, peace, and friendship.

Mini Sweet Panda Air Hugs Cupcakes

The pandas say it all: These mini cupcakes are sending holiday hugs. Each pack comes in four flavors — Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Vanilla and Brownie Batter — and will put a smile on their face in every bite.

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