For more than a decade, musician and TV host John Tesh has been offering advice and guidance through his “Intelligence for Your Life” radio broadcasts. The short segments now reach more than 8.2 million listeners per week across the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Here are some of the recent broadcasts on the topic of helping people who are struggling in matters of love and romance. Topics include: Why You Should Tank Your Partner Every Day, Ways to Spark Romance in Your Relationship, The Origin of Romantic Phrases, The Power of Flowers, and Sparking Love With Flowers.

Why You Should Thank Your Partner Every Day

One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is to express how much you value your partner! That’s according to the University of Georgia. They found that people who felt appreciated by their partners had better relationships. So thank your partner for something every day. Because feeling valued is the most consistent predictor of how happy people are in their relationships – and will be in the future. 

And studies by the relationship experts at The Gottman Institute show the single best predictor of marital longevity is if both partners are emotionally generous to each other. That’s psychiatry-speak for finding little ways to show love and kindness every day.

And sending flowers is a wonderful way to remind your partner how much you love them.  So, why not show up for your next date with a beautiful bouquet from 1800Flowers? Or bring one home to the person you love! 1800flowers dot com are experts at showing someone you care, and they’ll help you find the perfect gift!  For more ideas on how to spark romance visit 1-800-Flowers dot com slash TESH. That’s 1-800-Flowers dot com slash TESH.

20 Ways to Spark Romance in Your Relationship

Think back to when you first started dating your partner. Everything they did was adorable, you spent at least an hour getting ready before seeing them, and you got butterflies in your stomach every time they walked through the door.

Fast forward to today and you’ve probably noticed that while years of caring for kids, sleepless nights, and hectic work schedules have actually intensified your love for one another, it hasn’t exactly left a lot of time for the playful, “rom-com” romance you once had.

No matter what’s going on in your life, how much time you have, or how much money you have to spend, make time for romance in your relationship with these simple, but powerful gestures.

Romantic Gestures for Him and Her

1. Say only positive things to each other all day.

2. Have a date night.

3. Stay in a hotel together, even if it’s only a few minutes down the road.

4. Buy her flowers for no reason.

5. Go back to where you had your first date or met.

6. Turn off your cell phones and just talk for an hour.

7. Plan a romantic getaway together.

8. Do something adventurous that will get your heart racing. Perhaps skydiving or go-karting?

9. Take a dance class together, no matter how much (or little) experience you both have.

10. Put on some romantic music and cook together.

11. Feed each other chocolate covered fruits.

12. Tell your partner, “I love you” each day in a different language.

13. Spend the whole day cuddling and watching romantic movies.

14. Play hooky from work and spend the day together.

15. Exchange a list of things you love about each other.

16. Hold hands the next time you go out.

17. Leave a love note for your partner to find sometime throughout the week.

18. Compromise on one thing you’ve been a bit stubborn about.

19. Show small signs of physical affection, like a quick kiss before leaving each other for the day.

20. Declare your love publicly by sending her flowers at work.

Now go forth and spread the love and romance!

The Origin of Romantic Phrases

With so many popular sayings to express our love, have you ever wondered where those sayings actually come from?

John Tesh

There are so many ways to express how we feel about that special someone—be it a beautiful bouquet of flowers, thoughtful gifts, or even a simple note. With so many popular sayings to express our love, have you ever wondered where those sayings actually come from? We’ve all heard “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…,” but how does the poem end? “The honey’s sweet and so are you” …originally hailing from an English nursery rhyme!

What about the phrase “You’re the apple of my eye?” It first appeared in a 9th-century poem. But “apple” actually referenced the “pupil,” and it meant someone was so close to you, it was as if they were a part of you.

Whether you know the origins or not, there’s no doubt what you mean when you say those phrases to someone you love. It’s the same with flowers. You know the joy they bring, and the romance they spark—you don’t have to know why!

The Romantic Power of Flowers

It’s pretty obvious that flowers have the ability to brighten anyone’s day from the moment they see them. Just look at their smile! But what if there were real science to back up that statement?

Well, research reported in the Journal of Social Psychology found an actual link between flowers and romance! It discovered that the mere presence of flowers makes us more relaxed, and open to love and romance, with those around us. Psychologists say the sight of certain objects can lead people to behave in certain ways, even if they don’t realize it.

And because flowers are associated with romance, people often start thinking, speaking, or behaving in romantic ways when they see them. So the next time you’re making a homemade, candlelit dinner for your loved one, consider adding a fresh bouquet to the table… and let them set the tone.

Spark Love With Flowers

Is there any feeling more beautiful than falling in love? When we fall in love, our brains are triggered to release waves of happy hormones that make us feel all kinds of amazing. And according to the Harvard Medical School, just seeing flowers activates these feel-good brain chemicals. It’s no wonder we associate giving flowers with giving love.

So, whether you’re looking to remind someone how deeply you care or looking to show someone just how wonderful they made you feel – a bouquet of flowers expresses everything your heart is hoping to say.

What if you’re in the early stages of romance? A study from the Journal of Social Influence finds that people are more likely to accept a date invitation if they have recently been exposed to fresh flowers. So, don’t forget the bouquet!

Go ahead, and start sparking romance with flowers!

John Tesh is a 6-time Emmy-winning musician, TV and radio broadcaster. He broadcasts the Intelligence for Your Life radio and TV shows speaking about topics including health, love, sleep, workplace and pets.


John Tesh is a six-time Emmy-winning musician, TV host, and radio broadcaster. His “Intelligence for Your Life” radio and TV shows speak to a variety of topics, ranging from health and love to sleep, workplace life, and pets.

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