Social distancing and quarantining has made it challenging for families to celebrate holidays together. However, Ashley’s mom made sure to show her daughter and granddaughter they can still celebrate Easter with a heartwarming surprise! We are so happy to be a part of helping deliver smiles to Ashley and Hayley!

“Social isolation can be hard. We have been cooped up and I haven’t seen my mom in weeks (who we usually see multiple times a week). We have FaceTime (thank goodness) to get us by, and my mom will bake dinners that Kyle will pick up on his way home (in still practicing the way of social distancing), but today we got a big surprise from my mama/Haley’s vava that brightened both our day. Look how cute these flowers are! We love you so much mama! Can’t wait for the world to be normal again.”


Julie is a content strategist at 1-800-Flowers, specializing in campaign marketing and virtual events and experiences. She has written about heartwarming connections in the real world, holidays, and other special occasions.

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