One of the most exciting parts of Easter morning is breaking into the Easter gifts and sweet treats that the Easter Bunny brings. (Santa’s not the only one who delivers gifts in the middle of the night!)

There’s something on this list of Easter gift ideas for every bunny in the family, from kids to adults. No egg hunt required!

Easter gift ideas with Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Flowers and Easter go together like Han and Chewie. Wow that special someone with a vibrant Easter Lily plant. These large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers are delightfully fragrant and especially vibrant during the spring season. This one comes nestled in a lovely wooden planter designed to look like a blue picket fence.

Easter gift ideas with classic easter gift basket

Classic Easter Gift Basket

Adults and kids alike will love waking up to an Easter basket filled with juicy pears, two flavors of Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, and a collection of chocolate treats, including malt ball mini eggs and chocolate truffles. A solid milk chocolate bunny and hand-tied bow finish off this aptly named classic gift basket.

Easter gift ideas with Easter Truffles

Easter Truffles

Sweeten up anyone’s Easter Sunday with chocolate truffles. This mouthwatering seasonal assortment includes four each of dark chocolate blueberry, dark chocolate raspberry, strawberry milkshake, and white chocolate crème brulée, and another eight of classic milk chocolate truffles decorated as chicks. It’s the perfect Easter gift idea for anyone who either loves eating a pound of chocolate or is trying to cut down from 2 pounds…

Easter gift ideas with Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket

What is Easter without pastel-colored flowers? This darling arrangement featuring pink roses and mini carnations, yellow carnations, and lavender daisies will bring the joy of spring into your home. And if you thought this gift couldn’t get an more Easter-y, think again: We’ve nestled some plastic eggs amongst the blooms for good measure. It’s a veritable explosion of Easter-ness. (If you couldn’t tell, we love making up words with the word “Easter” in them. It’s Easter-iffic!)

Easter gift ideas with Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket

Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket

Well after Easter’s over, the Personalized Easter Fun Gift Basket continues to give kids something to hold onto. This Easter gift for kids, or kids at heart, has delicious Easter treats, such as malt ball mini eggs and an egg-shaped lollipop, that are paired with a cute egg-shaped marshmallow and plush sock bunny. The whole thing comes in a reusable felt basket that will help keep the eggs safe during the hunt later.

Easter gift ideas with Easter Confection Box

Easter Confection Box

Calling all chocolate lovers! The Easter Confection Box is filled to the brim with chocolate gifts. You’ll certainly want to offer your help with “testing” the milk chocolate-covered Moose Munch, chocolate-covered grahams, and gummy flowers. And what would an Easter gift be without chocolate bunnies?! The box also has two solid milk chocolate bunnies and a 1-pound, egg-shaped milk chocolate truffle decorated with white and dark chocolate.

Easter gift ideas with Youve Been Egged Easter Egg Carton

‘You’ve Been Egged’ Easter Egg Carton

If you’re someone who prefers to snack rather than hunt for eggs, then do we have the gift for you. The Easter Egg Carton comes with eight buttercream-frosted egg cut-out cookies, three buttercream-frosted sparkly cut-out cookies, and one limited edition buttercream-frosted Easter cut-out cookie all arranged in an egg carton. Hide yourself away with this gift while the egg hunt is going on so nobody asks if they can have any.

Easter gift ideas with Art CoCo Foil Wrapped Chocolate Egg with Dinosaurs

Art CoCo Foil Wrapped Chocolate Egg with Dinosaurs

You want to talk about a unique Easter gift, well, you’ve found it. A half-pound, gold-foil-wrapped milk chocolate would be enough to fit that description, but wait, there’s more! Crack open the egg and you’ll find four mini chocolate dinosaurs. (Based on what we remember from when we were kids, they look to be a Tyrannosaurs Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops, but we’re sure the dinosaur aficionado in your family will be able to immediately identify each species with 100% accuracy.) Never has paleontology been so delicious.

Easter gift ideas with Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Sharing is caring, and it’s even easier when it comes as a dozen Easter cupcakes. These delightful treats come in chocolate and yellow cake flavor, and each one is lovingly decorated as an Easter egg or baby chick. There are plenty to go around, making this assortment the perfect way to finish up a day of egg hunting.

Easter gift ideas with Easter Sweets Gift Box

Easter Sweets Gift Box

There are those with a sweet tooth, and then there are those with sweet teeth. This charming Easter gift box is for the latter. Festive mini eggs and a chocolate bunny accompany classic treats, such as Moose Munch Premium Popcorn and vanilla shortbread cookies with sanding sugar, that will sweeten up anyone’s Easter.

Easter gift ideas with Royal Verano® Pear Easter Gift Box

Royal Verano Pear Easter Gift Box

What better way to celebrate Easter than with treats from the orchard? The Royal Verano Pear Easter Gift Box comes with seven Royal Verano Pears that are ready to eat right when they arrive on your doorstep. Slice them up and pair them with your favorite blue cheese, bake them in a tart, or eat them whole!

With Easter gift ideas like these, the whole family will be ready to have a sweet Easter. And if you prefer to create your own Easter baskets, check out our favorite Easter basket stuffers.


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