Ever watch a cute cat video and instantly feel a smile start to form on your face? We have, and we’re happy to say that making you smile and/or laugh isn’t the only thing that cats can do – they can even bring a number of health benefits to their owners too! And it doesn’t matter if your cat is one that wants to be by your side 24/7 or one that enjoys its personal space, just the act of having a cat in your home alone can do wonders. Let’s take a look at what we mean:

Person holding group of little cats in arms.
  1. Cats can help reduce stress. Stress is a natural part of life, but having a cat can help reduce just how stressed out and anxious you feel. That’s because actions as simple as petting a cat or listening to a cat purr can cause calming chemicals to be released throughout your body, making you feel better than you may have a few minutes ago.
  2. Cats can decrease your risk of stroke. Anyone who is a pet owner knows that caring for an animal can be just as much work as caring for a child, but with cats, things are a little different – they’re extremely low-maintenance! Some sources even state that this reason alone could be why cat owners have a lower risk for having a stroke.
  3. Cats reduce feelings of loneliness. Cats are certainly known for being one of the more independent pets out there, but that doesn’t mean the level of companionship they provide to their owners is any different. Having a cat in the house can minimize any feelings of loneliness a person might have, which can further help minimize risk for things like depression.
  4. Cats can encourage you to exercise. Although they may not need to be walked the way a dog does, cats still need to be played with too. That said, spending just a small portion of your day tossing around a toy mouse or playing hide and seek with your cat is a great way to get moving!
  5. Cats offer support in times of need. While they cannot talk to us the way our friends and family can, cats can be an amazing source of support. For example, when grieving the loss of a loved one, cats can be the listener people are looking for when they need to just put their feelings out there – in fact, some say that having a cat has even led to owners showing less symptoms of pain, such as crying.

See? Cats do a lot more than just make you smile! If you have a cat at home, this would probably be a good time to thank them for all that they do to keep you happy and healthy – we bet they’d appreciate a new treat or two!


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