Growing up, pre-dating the days of dating and romance, the anticipation of giving and receiving valentines from friends and classmates was enough to keep any child from sleeping the night before February 14.

Add a touch of fun and creativity to their Valentine’s Day experience by helping them create their very own one-of-a-kind DIY Valentine Box! Using simple green construction paper and Valentine’s Day flowers, we turned an empty tissue box into a blooming garden ready to store those classroom valentines.

Using fresh flowers for this craft requires a bit of patience; you have to also make sure you choose a sturdy flower (we went with daisies and mums). However, it will be worth it in the end as fresh flowers will add an extra pleasant scent to the atmosphere. Alternatives to fresh flowers include flower stickers, DIY tissue paper roses, and paper lilies (sized appropriately).

diy-valentines-day-boxes-blooming-garden-box-suppliesSupplies for DIY Valentine Box

Empty tissue box (the long rectangular kind)
Green construction paper
Fresh flowers

Directions for DIY Valentine Box

Start by tracing the sides of the tissue box on the construction paper. Cut out the pieces – you should have 3 long and wide rectangles and 2 squares. For the side with the opening, you will have 2 skinny and tall rectangular strips and 2 short and skinny rectangular strips.


Use your glue to attach the construction paper to the appropriate sides until the entire box is covered.


Then, trip your flower stems, leaving about 1-2 inches of stem. Attach a piece of tape onto the stem and secure the flower onto the inside of the box so it is peeking out.


Follow this step until your entire tissue box opening is lined with flowers. If you’d like, attach an additional larger bloom to the top with tape to add an extra pop of color and fun.


Bring your blooming garden to the classroom and fill it with valentines!


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