DIY Man Bouquet for Valentine's DayLadies, let’s face it: Men don’t look forward to getting flowers on Valentine’s Day as much as we do. So how’s a girl supposed to show her guy that she cares?

Make him a personalized man bouquet instead! Grab a few of his favorite macho drinks and snacks, toss ’em into a heavy-duty bucket (he can reuse it later) and you have a DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea that your husband, fiancé, boyfriend or dad will really LOVE!

Materials You’ll Need to Make a DIY Man Bouquet

  • Large galvanized bucket*
  • 6-pack of your man’s favorite beer (or other alcoholic drink)
  • 2 or 3 empty cardboard boxes
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • A few of your dad, boyfriend or husband’s favorite snacks
  • Filler paper

*If you want to make a larger-than-life bouquet, use a water cooler instead of a bucket. That way, he’ll have a place to store all those bottles of booze!

How to Make a DIY Valentine’s Day Man Bouquet

How to Make a Base for Your Man Bouquet

  1. Place the empty cardboard boxes into the bucket. The boxes should be small enough to fit into the bucket but large and sturdy enough to support all the goodies you’re going to put in your bouquet. Stack the boxes flat and in a tiered fashion, with the highest point being the back center portion of the bucket. For even more stability, use masking tape to attach the boxes to the bucket.
    How to Fill a Bucket to Make a Man Bouquet
  2. Fill the bucket up to the rim with filler paper, making sure to completely conceal the cardboard boxes.
    Tissue Paper Flowers Used as Gift Bows
  3. Follow this tutorial and make six tissue paper flowers in the color pattern of your choice. Red and/or white tissue paper works nicely for the Valentine’s Day theme—without being too feminine. (Steer clear of pink!) Tip: Make some extra flowers and use them to top off your other Valentine’s Day gifts, like we did here.
    How to Make Flowers out of Beer Bottles
  4. Using the floral wire that extends from the bottom of the tissue paper flowers, attach one flower to the top of each beer bottle by very tightly wrapping the wire around the bottle cap and neck.
    Beer Flower Arrangement Filled With Snacks
  5. Strategically place each beer bottle and snack at varying heights to give your bouquet some dimension. Optional: Sit a few scratch-offs (or any other type of small trinkets he would like, such as shot glasses or cigars) on top of the filler paper to complete the bouquet.

Give your man bouquet a kick of personality—and show your guy just how well you know him—by giving it a theme. If he’s, let’s say, a baseball nut, glue mini baseballs around the rim of the bucket and fill it with peanuts, vintage baseball cards and other baseball-themed knickknacks. Now who says flowers are girly?

Leave your comments and tell us how you’ll beef up his bouquet for Valentine’s Day!


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