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Father’s Day Craft for Kids: How to Make Father’s Day Gift Bags!

June 4, 2013

DIY Father's Day Gift BagsFather’s Day is a holiday when—after a long year of hard work—Dad finally gets to sit back, spend quality time with his family and be pampered like the king he is. And no one is more excited to shower their reigning hero with gifts more than his children! Looking for a Father’s Day craft for kids to really help Dad loosen up his tie this year? These adorable and easy-to-make goodie bags look like Pop’s favorite button-down shirt and necktie—and inside they hold the most delicious Father’s Day snacks. Here’s how your kids can make them, with a little help from you!

Supplies Needed for DIY Father’s Day Gift Bags

Paper lunch bags or candy bags
Patterned cardstock or scrapbook paper
Black construction paper
Father’s Day tie and bowtie template
Pen or pencil
Double-sided tape
Glue stick
Gourmet Father’s Day snacks

How to Make DIY Father’s Day Gift Bags

Brown Paper Lunch Bags and White Paper Candy Bags for DIY Father's Day Gift Bags

  1. Pick a bag … any bag! Find the perfect-sized paper bag that can hold your Father’s Day treats. Lunch bags or mini candy bags in any color work just fine. And you can never go wrong when you pick the color of Dad’s favorite button-down shirt! Standard white is always a great option too.
    How to Fold a Paper Bag to Create a Collared Shirt
  2. Lay the bag flat on a table, with the opening of the bag at the top. Fold down the mouth of the bag about 3 or 4 inches, depending on how big you’d like the collar of the shirt to be.
    How to Trace Lines on a Paper Bag to Create a Collared Shirt
  3. Using a ruler and a pen, draw a diagonal line from the bottom-left corner of the bag’s flap up to the center of the top of the flap. Draw another diagonal line from the bottom-right corner of the flap up to the same top center point. Once you’re done, the lines will make the shape of an inverted “V” on the flap.
    How to Trim a Paper Bag to Create a Collared Shirt
  4. Take a pair of scissors and follow the lines on the flap to cut out the triangle shape in the center. And there you go: Now you have a collar for your shirt! Time to make a tie and some buttons.
    Fun Father's Day Ties Cut out From Cardstock
  5. Print this Father’s Day tie and bowtie template onto a piece of patterned cardstock or scrapbook paper. Pick Dad’s favorite tie shape and carefully cut out the shape form the cardstock. (To make sure the tie fits on your paper bag, we gave you two sizes of ties in our template: large ties for lunch bags, and small ties for candy bags.) To create the buttons for the shirt, cut out tiny circles from black construction paper.
    Father's Day Candy Bag Filled With Cookies
  6. Open the paper bag and fill it with some of Dad’s favorite snacks, like gourmet cookies, pretzels, mixed nuts and candy, or popcorn. Fold the collar back down and seal it by placing two pieces of double-sided tape on the inside of the collar and attaching it to the face of the bag.
    Father's Day Gift Bags Decorated With Paper Ties and Buttons
  7. To put the finishing touch on the shirt, place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the cardstock tie cutout and attach the tie to the bag, right at the top of the collar. Then, using a glue stick, glue the black construction paper buttons in a line going down the center of the bag, right below the tie.

What kind of yummy treats for Dad will your kids wrap up in their Father’s Day gift bags?

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