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Father’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Construction Boot Bouquet

June 5, 2013

Father's Day DIY Construction Boot BouquetThink the special dad in your life wouldn’t want to get flowers for Father’s Day? Think again. No father can resist a beautiful bouquet in a brand-new pair of shoes! A manly DIY construction boot bouquet does double duty as a rugged and trendy decoration for your home and as a super-practical present for Pops. This is one Father’s Day gift idea that’s sure to knock Dad’s socks off! Here’s how to make it:

Supplies for DIY Father’s Day Craft

Father’s Day Flowers
Two small glass vases
One new pair of construction boots

How to Make a Father’s Day DIY Construction Boot Bouquet

Construction Boots and Vases for DIY Father's Day Construction Boot Bouquet

  1. Get a pair of brand-new construction boots in Dad’s size, and then find two glass vases that are small enough to fit into the openings of the boots. Tall drinking glasses work great too.
    Flowers and Vases for DIY Father's Day Construction Boot Bouquet
  2. Grab a bouquet of Dad’s favorite flowers and trim the stems so they’re just the right height for your vases.
    Flowers Separated into Two Vases for Father's Day Construction Boot Bouquet
  3. Split the bouquet into two smaller bouquets. Fill both vases with water and place one small bouquet into each vase.
    Flowers and Vase Placed in a Construction Boot to Make a Father's Day Construction Boot Bouquet
  4. Carefully slip one vase into the opening of each construction boot to make a macho      vase cover for your Father’s Day flowers!

Father's Day Construction Boot Bouquet

Would your pops get excited over a construction boot bouquet on Father’s Day? Tell us what arrangement you’ll pick for your No. 1 dad!

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