DIY Advent Calendar With Christmas Ornaments and SocksMost people think that Christmas is all about waking up on December 25 and exchanging presents with loved ones. But, as with the best things in life, it’s the journey that counts—not the destination. The truth is that the most wonderful holiday of the year isn’t just one day; it’s a full 25 days of merrymaking! So go ahead: Have some fun counting down to the big day and make the most out of the season by crafting a DIY advent calendar. You can put the whole thing together in three easy steps, and you won’t have to spend any more than $1 on each of your supplies. Just head out to your local discount store to pick up what you need. Now without further ado, here’s how to make a delightful advent calendar especially for you!

Materials Needed for DIY Advent Christmas Calendar

9-foot string of beaded garland
White and green cardstock
Pack of 12 regular-sized Christmas ball ornaments
One oversized ornament in a fun shape of your choice
6 pairs of Christmas socks
12 safety pins
Floral wire

How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar

How to Label Socks and Ornaments to Make an Advent Calendar

  1. Using scissors and white cardstock, trace and cut out the shapes of the numbers one through 25. Glue the number 13 onto the oversized ornament, and glue each remaining odd number directly onto a smaller ball ornament. Then, glue each even number to a piece of cardstock cut into the shape of a circle and attach it to the Christmas sock with a safety pin.Christmas Ornaments and Socks Strung up on Garland to Make an Advent Calendar
  2. String up the garland across a bare wall or a fireplace mantel. Make sure the garland is secure enough to hold up all of the ornaments. With floral wire, hang each ornament and sock onto the garland in numerical order. Start with the number one at the left end of the garland, and work your way up to the number 25. The order of the ornaments and socks will alternate, with the oversized ornament sitting directly in the middle.
  3. Just for kicks, fill each sock with candy or a small trinket for each member of the family.

And there you have it: A daily countdown that will fill all 25 days of Christmas with even more joy, excitement and anticipation!

What other kinds of activities will you be doing to get the family psyched about the upcoming holiday?


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