Impress Thanksgiving hosts or guests this holiday by creating a gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece to compliment the delicious meal! As we decorate the table with traditional Thanksgiving foods from turkey to yams, it is just as important to have the right table decoration. In just 9 easy steps, I’ll show you how to create this beautiful Thanksgiving floral centerpiece! Whether given as a gift to your gracious Thanksgiving host, or to wow your Thanksgiving guests, the Thanksgiving dinner table is sure to look perfect and classy!


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Materials:

  • Floral Tray (Rectangle or Oval)
    • We used a rectangle shaped floral tray measuring 4.5 x 9”.
    • Note: You will want to choose a floral tray or low height container that will hold the floral foam in place. The floral tray will set the size of your centerpiece. You can adjust the size to fit you or your host’s table best.
  • Floral Foam
  • Water to Soak Foam
  • Tapered Candles
  • We Used one 15-inch for the center, in between two 12-inch candles
  • Knife or Clippers (To cut floral foam, flowers, and candles.)
  • Natural Preserved Oak Leaves
  • Flowers
    • We Used: Butterscotch Daisies, Yellow Daisy Poms, Hypericum and Mini Orange Carnations
  • Foliage for Filler
    • We Used Lemon Leaves
    • Wheat (Optional)

How to Make the DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece:

  1. Cut the floral foam to fit snugly in the floral tray.
  2. After you are happy with the size of your floral foam, place it in water for about five minutes, enough so that the foam is properly saturated. A trick of the trade is to let the foam sink to the bottom by itself. It is preferred, but not mandatory, that your floral foam have holes, which allows for better absorption. If your floral foam does have holes, you will want to place the foam in the water with the holes facing down.
  3. Once the floral foam is saturated, place it in the floral tray. If your floral foam has holes, place into trays with the holes facing down.
  1.  Next we tended to the candles. As an optional trick, we carved the bottom of our candles to be pointy at the bottom, like a pencil. We then took our 3 candles and placed the tallest candle (15-inch) in the center of the foam. After being happy with our center candle, we are ready to add the shorter 12-inch candles on each side. Space your 12-inch candle about 1.75” to 2” from the 15-inch candle. You will want to make sure the candles are sturdy in your floral foam for safety measures!
  1. With the candles in place, we are now ready to start arranging our centerpiece. We first start by adding the glycerin oak leaves and the lemon leaves to the floral foam to create a base for the rest of the flowers. You may alter the placement of the leaves to your liking; we tried to add a nice mixture. Keep the extra leaves handy for later in case you want to add more filler to your centerpiece.
  2. Now it’s time to add the flowers! We started by putting in the yellow pom daisies, followed by the butterscotch daisies, and then the mini orange carnations. After the flowers were spread out to our liking, we then inserted the hypericum berries as we saw fit. You want to make sure you get a nice mixture all around the centerpiece.
    • Helpful Centerpiece Hint: I like to think of the centerpiece as an extension of the table so I try to start low on the surface, and work my way up.
  3. The next step to add the wheat to your floral centerpiece is optional, but I always think it adds the perfect fall Thanksgiving touch! If you also choose to add wheat to your arrangement, place it sporadically throughout the centerpiece. You will want to make sure that for safety measures, all the wheat is placed far enough from the candle tops to avoid fire hazards.
  4. The last step is to take a look at your centerpiece and insert any extra flowers and leaves in places you think may be bare.
  5. Place the Thanksgiving centerpiece on the table and get ready for compliments galore from your guests!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Please Note: Please make sure to take proper safety precautions with using the candles and be mindful when the flame gets close to the flowers and wheat.

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Jerry Rosalia, Floral Consultant & Florist Relations

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