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How to Say Thank You in Different Languages

November 15, 2013


Thanksgiving Day is a heartwarming time where people gather with friends and family and give thanks for all of their blessings. This year, we thought it would be fun to learn how to say “thank you” in different languages! Here’s a list of how to say thank you in 50 different languages from all over the globe! As a fun Thanksgiving  activity, try out the different ways to say “thanks” with your loved ones to get in the spirit, while learning something new!


Thank You in 50 International Dialects

1. Afrikaans: dankie
2. Arabic: shoukran
3. Armenian: shnorhakalutiun
4. Bengali: dhannyabad
5. Bulgarian: blagodariya
6. Cambodian: orkun
7. Chinese, Cantonese: do jeh
8. Chinese, Mandarin: xie xie

9. Croatian: hvala
10. Czech: dekuju
11. Danish: tak
12. Fijian: vinaka
13. Finnish: kiitos
14. French: merci
15. Gaelic: go raibh maith agat
16. German: danke
17. Greek: efharisto
18. Haitian: mèsi
19. Hebrew: toda
20. Hindi: shoukriah [or] dhanya wad
21. Icelandic: takk
22. Indonesian: terima kasih
23. Irish (Northern): Nice one bro’r  OR Cheers mucker
24. Italian: grazie
25. Japanese: arigato
26. Korean: kamsa hamnida
27. Latin: gratias ago
28. Latvian: paldies
29. Lithuanian: attyu
30. Laotian: kob chie
31. Malay: terima kasih
32. Maltese: grazzi
33. Maori: kiaora koe
34. Norwegian: takk
35. Persian: mamnun
36. Polish: dziekuje
37. Portuguese: obrigado
38. Romanian: multsumesc
39. Russian: spasibo
40. Slovakian: dakujem
41. Somali: mahadsanid
42. Spanish: gracias
43. Swahili: ahsante
44. Swedish: tack
45. Thai: kabkoon krup (if you are a male), kabkoon ka (if you are a female)
46. Turkish: teshekur ederim
47. Uzbek: rahmat
48. Vietnamese: cam on
49. Welsh: diolch yn fawr
50. Zulu: ngiyabonga

Thank YOU for reading this post and Happy Thanksgiving!

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