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Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

April 25, 2016

Although it feels like we were just celebrating the New Year and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is already just about here! For husbands, adult children, and even parents of parents who have celebrated many Mother’s Days, picking out the perfect gift can be easy. On the other hand, though, younger children may not be so sure about what to get or do for mom that will have her smiling from ear to ear – that’s why we’re here to help!

Beautiful happy little girl coloring for Mother's Day

Below, discover a few of our favorite Mother’s Day crafts that kids can make for mom this year:

Photo Vase

Flowers are a pretty popular gift for moms all over the world on Mother’s Day, so why not create a personalized vase for her to put them in? All you need to get started is some liquid adhesive, a small brush, tissue paper, a photo with mom, and scissors. Be sure to check out our step-by-step instructions for this homemade Mother’s Day craft here.


Photo Flowers

In addition to the live flowers mom may receive, we’ve got another type of flower children can give as a gift – a photo flower! This children’s craft is super easy to make (perfect for all ages), and we’ve got the templates you need to get started. We know mom will love any type of flower she’s given, but a flower with her child’s face in the center is sure to be a huge hit!


Personalized Picture Frame

If mom has photos lying around without a frame, then this is a gift she absolutely needs to receive! First, find a plain wooden frame that fits the photo you’d like for her to display. Then, using paint, markers, glitter – anything really – decorate the frame with mom’s favorite colors and designs! Children can even write a personalized note around the edges if they’d like.

Wooden Coasters

If mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then a new kitchen accessory is the perfect gift choice for Mother’s Day (this craft may require some extra help from an adult since access to a laser or inkjet printer is required). Start by collecting some of your best family photos, then follow these instructions to learn how to create the finished product.

Candle Holders

Candles are another popular gift for moms, so a DIY candle holder is an excellent craft for those looking to give a handmade gift. All you’ll need for this Mother’s Day craft is a glass cylinder for the candle to sit in, a photo or two with mom, and some tape. After printing out your photo(s) on vellum paper, simply wrap it around the exterior of the glass cylinder and tape it down securely!

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Moms do so much for us each and every day, so they definitely deserve some time to relax! Help mom make sure she isn’t interrupted during her alone time by making a do not disturb sign she can hang on her door knob – you just need a blank sign and some arts and crafts supplies! You can bet she’ll love this on those mornings when she needs a little extra beauty rest.

Looking for some more Mother’s Day ideas? We have a ton of them for you here!

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