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DIY Mother’s Day Crafts: How to Make a Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement

April 26, 2014

Create a Mother’s Day Gift Using Flowers & A Reusable Watering Can!

Mother’s Day 2014 is Sunday, May 11th!

Buying Mother’s Day flowers is always a winning gift, but if you’re interested in attempting to make a flower arrangement for mom, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you how!

With just a watering can and some of mom’s favorite flowers, you can make an easy, unique and beautiful Mother’s Day floral arrangement that any mother will love!

DIY Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

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Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Craft: DIY Candy Bouquet for Mom

April 26, 2014
DIY Candy Bouquet for Mother's Day

DIY Candy Bouquet for Mother's DayNo one is sweeter than Mom. So while you’re waiting for her fresh Mother’s Day flowers to arrive in the mail, get creative and make her a truly original arrangement entirely out of sugary treats! This gorgeous DIY candy bouquet for mom only takes a few minutes to put together (no baking required!), and it’s a Mother’s Day craft that no chocolate-loving mama could resist. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one for your mom … because she deserves the very best!

Materials Needed for Mother’s Day DIY Candy Bouquet

Crinkled filler paper
Lollipop sticks
Green candy-striped straws
Fannie May chocolate-covered strawberries
Candy bar pretzels
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Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Trends: What to Buy For Your Mom This Year

April 24, 2014

This Mother’s Day, go beyond the traditional bouquet of roses and wow Mom with an arrangement inspired by this year’s hottest flowers and trends. Whether your Mom spends her day in the garden or dedicates her time to making sure she looks prim and proper, these creative Mother’s Day gift ideas are sure to offer the perfect gift choice for your one-of-a-kind Mom.

Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Roses are always a sure thing, but if you’re looking for something a bit different this year, why not opt for one of the other radiant and fresh popular Mother’s Day flowers ?

Stunningly simple and found in a variety of brilliant colors, tulips are a clear winner when it comes to flower choice. Choose from arrangements ranging from traditional to modern, colorful to monochromatic, or bulb form to fully bloomed!


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Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day 2013!

May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, moms-to-be, aunts, and all other special mother figures in your life!

On Saturday, May 11, Saturday Night Live welcomed back Kristen Wiig and this Mother’s Day video was a true surprise to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM!

Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2013 at the Office: Meet Our 1800Flowers Moms

May 10, 2013
Kathleen Stromstedt - 1800Flowers Creative Copy Manager

Here at the 1800Flowers headquarters, Mother’s Day is the biggest celebration of the year! To honor the talented mamas who help make up our great team, we’d like you to meet our 1800Flowers moms. Find out why being a mom makes them smile … and what flowers they’re looking forward to receiving this Mother’s Day!

Kathleen Stromstedt - 1800Flowers Creative Copy ManagerMeet Kathleen Stromstedt
Creative Copy Manager

Kathleen, who’s in charge of making sure all 1800Flowers messaging reflects our brand’s voice, has a beautiful 1-year-old daughter who brightens up the whole family with her sweet personality.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “Nothing makes me smile more than coming home after a long day at work and seeing my sweet little Charlotte smiling up at me. It’s the little moments that mean the most—singing and dancing along with Sesame Street in the morning as she claps and laughs along; rocking her to sleep at night with her favorite blankie. Even if I’m having the worst day, all I have to do is think about those special times we share together and I can’t help but smile.”

a-DOG-able Mama PawsFavorite Mother’s Day Flowers: a-DOG-able Mama Paws
“What mom wouldn’t love being surprised with such a truly original gift? From the handcrafted white carnations and cute little button nose and eyes to the mini purple tote (my favorite color!) and Mom Rules magnet, this sweet flower pup is the perfect way to make me smile on Mother’s Day!”


Chandra Savage - 1800Flowers Creative Production CoordinatorMeet Chandra Savage
Creative Production Coordinator

A dynamic member of the 1800Flowers family for the past seven years, Chandra is also a mom to a sweet teenage daughter who loves treating Mom to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “When my daughter says ‘Can you spend time with me,’ it makes me smile. I have a teenager and they rarely say that. I told my daughter the other day that she is Super Exotic Breeze OrchidsSmart and Crazy Beautiful. I do not know too many kids that teach themselves another language by the time they reach Intermediate School.”

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Exotic Breeze Orchids
“Bling and blooms is the only way to go for Mother’s Day!”


Patty Gormley - 1800Flowers Vice President of Website MarketingMeet Patty Gormley
Vice President of Website Marketing

Always looking for new ways to make the best it can be, Patty is also the proud mom of 14-year-old Jackson, who loves dance, music and theater; 12-year old Liam, who plays travel hockey and is a sports fanatic; and little 3-year-old Emma, who loves to read, draw, dance, and play knee hockey with her brothers.

Why She Loves Being a Mom: “My kids make me very proud. They are good-hearted kids with kind and generous souls who work (and play) really hard. It makes me smile when others see that in my children and say as Sweet Sentimentsmuch.”

Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers: Sweet Sentiments
“I love the modern feel and simplicity of the arrangement, and I think the name truly fits this gift. It is a sweet and thoughtful statement of love and gratitude, and one that I would be very happy to give or receive.” Continue Reading…

Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day Rings in Mother’s Day 2013 at the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

May 7, 2013
1-800-Flowers Team at NASDAQ on 5-7-13 for Mother's Day

1-800-Flowers Team at NASDAQ on 5-7-13 for Mother's DayOn Tuesday, May 7, 2013, Jim McCann, founder and CEO of, had the honor of ringing the Opening Bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square to kick off Mother’s Day! The 1-800-Flowers team and their friends—including Brian Brewer, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Cancer Research Institute—blossomed with excitement as they helped Mr. McCann ring in the Mother’s Day 2013 holiday.

1-800-Flowers CEO Jim McCann and Brian Brewer of the Cancer Research Insitute at NASDAQ on 5-7-13 for Mother's Day

1-800-Flowers Team Rings the Opening Bell at NASDAQ Inc. shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, and their ticker symbol is “FLWS.”

1-800-Flowers Garden of Grandeur Arrangement at NASDAQMother's Devotion Bouquet With NecklaceSince delivering smiles through flowers is our specialty, we decorated the NASDAQ floor with some of our bestselling Mother’s Day flowers to help celebrate this festive occasion. Floral products showcased include:

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Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

April 25, 2013
Sweet Baby Girl Arrangement

Sweet Baby Girl ArrangementNo one is more excited to celebrate Mother’s Day than a brand-new mommy! Make her first big day a memorable one: Give her something that’ll always remind her of her proudest moment as a mom. To help you find the present that’ll really wow your favorite new mama, here are our top-rated Mother’s Day gifts for new moms!

Precious Little One AngelPrecious Little One Angel

For the special lady who is still expecting on Mother’s Day, give a gift that captures all the joy and anticipation of this exhilarating time. This beautifully detailed birchwood and pewter figuring, inscribed with the saying “Precious little one, you fill my heart with love,” is the perfect congratulatory gift and lifetime keepsake for the mommy-to-be.

Sweet Baby Boy ArrangementSweet Baby Girl or Sweet Baby Boy Arrangement

A proud new mommy wants nothing more than to show off her beautiful new baby to the world, so give her a gift that will let her do just that! This gorgeous hand-designed arrangement of roses, lilies and more comes in a glass vase that’s bedazzled with a magnetic mini photo frame so Mom can put that sweet face on display.

Imperial Cherry Blossom Spa Gift BasketImperial Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Basket

With all those sleepless nights spent changing diapers and singing lullabies, the first-time mama definitely deserves some pampering. This luxurious spa gift basket has everything she needs to relax and recharge, from body lotion and shower gel to a bath sponge and spa towel. It’ll give her an extra boost to take on even the most challenging baby duties!

a-DOG-able® in a Totea-DOG-able® in a Tote

Congratulate the new mommy on her little bundle of joy by sending her a basket full of cuteness. This truly original puppy-shaped flower arrangement, specially made for a great mom like her, is sure to bring a bright smile to her face with colorful carnations, poms and more.

Fresh Rosebud Jewelry CollectionFresh Rosebud Jewelry Collection

Mom will keep her budding little baby locked in her heart forever, and this stunning necklace—made from real, freshly preserved rosebuds—is the perfect symbol of her love. A timeless and exclusive piece uniquely crafted by expert designers, the heart-shaped pendant will be something any new mommy would treasure for years.

What kind of gift do you think your favorite new mommy would love to receive on Mother’s Day?

Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

The History of Mother’s Day

May 8, 2012

The History of Mother's Day

Celebrating Moms from Ancient Times to Present

Mothers have been celebrated and honored in cultures since the beginning of human history.  In ancient Egypt festivities were routinely held in honor of the goddess Isis, who was otherwise known as the Mother of the Pharaohs. The ancient Romans and Greeks also paid regular homage to goddesses who produced powerful offspring. Cybele, the mother of Zeus, is just one example. Therefore, the history of celebrating moms stretches back a really long way and slowly evolved into the Mother’s Day we celebrate today.
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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

May 5, 2012

Are you looking for a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, but you’re lacking in funds this year? Have no fear, below is a list of clever gift ideas that can be purchased for less than $50.  Another great idea to cut down the cost is to split with dad and/or siblings! With so many culinary, relaxation, organization and artistic gifts to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect, affordable gift to make your mom’s Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Acknowledge the great things that your mom does for you by giving her one of these great gifts. These unique, economic Mother’s Day gifts under $50 will make the holiday extra special for mom. Mother’s Day will be complete when mom realizes that she has raised sweet, intelligent and caring individuals.
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