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Floral Occasions & Holidays

Floral Occasions & Holidays

April Birthday Gift Ideas & Facts

March 20, 2017

April may be known for its showers, but those born in the fourth month make up for the seasonal downpour with their radiant personalities. So when their special day surfaces, show the birthday boy or girl just how much they shine with a thoughtful and impressive gift idea they’ll love. Here are some fun facts about April birthdays, including information about the April birth month and flower to give you a bit of inspiration for choosing the perfect gift.

April Birthday Fun Facts

April Birth Stone: Diamond

birthstone-bottle-necklace-april-89579With the brightest rays of sunshine peeking through the still-bare foliage of April, it comes as no surprise that the April birth stone is none other than the long sought-after diamond. The stone’s name is derived from the Greek word “adamus”, meaning invincible; a fitting name for one of the hardest substances found in the world. While diamonds are most commonly colorless, they can be found in shades from yellow to pink to blue, depending on the impurities of the rock.

Historically, diamonds have been used to aid in strength – from spiritual strength to physical and emotional. During ancient times, people even believed that diamonds were either tears of the gods or made of lightning bolts! Some of the earliest recorded history of the diamond dates back to around 300 BC in India, where it was valued for its reflective properties and used in talismans to ward off evil. During the Middle Ages, people would not only sleep with diamonds to strengthen their health, but would even go as far as to ingest diamonds to cure illnesses!

Shine on, you April diamond!
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Mardi Gras Decorations with Flowers

February 27, 2017

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, is one of the largest festivals of the year with history dating back to the 18th century. Although the largest festival takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, you can bring Mardi Gras right to your own home. Here are some helpful and easy Mardi Gras decoration ideas using flowers!

Mardi Gras Mask & Beads

Use Flowers to Help Decorate for Mardi Gras

Purple, green and gold are the most popular colors for Mardi Gras, so we love using these colors in a festival floral arrangement to celebrate the occasion! The official Mardi Gras colors were chosen for a reason by the King of the Carnival in 1892 with purple symbolizing justice, green for faith, and gold for power. Whether you’re looking for a decorative centerpiece or festive conversation starter, flowers are the perfect compliment to bring some life to your Mardi Gras decorations. Continue Reading…

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Valentine’s Date Ideas for All Weather

February 12, 2017

Whether you just met the person of your dreams, have been dating for a while, or are married with children, it can be hard to break the cycle of ‘dinner and a movie’ dates. Sure they’re fun for a little while, but when was the last time you and your loved one went out and tried something totally new? Quality time with your partner can be hard to come by, so make it count when it does! No matter if you have the whole weekend or just a few hours after work, here are a few sure fire ways to spice up your average date.

Spend a Day at the Spa

Sometimes all the planning, dinner reservations and outfit changes are more stressful than fun. Instead of a typical night out, spend the day in at a spa. Relax in the steam room or get a massage and facial all at your own pace. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two from the masseuse that you can try on your loved one at home later. Continue Reading…

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How to Say “I Love You” in 50 Different Languages | Petal Talk

February 1, 2017
I Love You Spelled Out and Red Roses

On Valentine’s Day, summing up so much passion and adoration into three little words hardly seems to do your sweetheart justice. So, if you really want to tell your Valentine that you love them ’til the end of time, tell them in more than one language! Whether you add it to your Valentine’s Day card, or just send them a text a day leading up to the holiday, saying “I love you” in different languages adds a unique twist on this romantic saying. Here’s how to say “I love you” in 50 different languages!
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Rainy Weather Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2017

Rainy weather on Valentine’s Day can dampen your outdoor plans… but have no fear, all hope is not lost! With these rainy day date ideas, having a Valentine’s Day indoors with your special someone is going to be just as much fun… or even more fun! After all, it’s about the company, right? 😉

Couple in the rain

Go to the Movies

Let’s face it, with all of the awesome streaming available these days, going to the movies is a treat! Movie selection matters so try to pick someone you think you both with enjoy. Movie snacks matter too obviously, so make sure you get their favorites to show how well you know her (or him). Obviously if it’s monsooning, you’ll want to take the movie indoors, which leads us to our next rainy date idea..

“Netflix” and Chill

Okay, we used Netflix because we wanted this to sound catchy, but really we mean any streaming network with a movie or series you’d like to watch. We know binge-watching a new series is a favorite pastime of many, but it’s also a great indoor date idea! Start a new series with your date and plan to watch it together from then on! Get our list of top movies & series to stream this Valentine’s Day on our blog post, here! Continue Reading…

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How to Pick the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Sweetheart

January 31, 2017

big-bear-hugs-103247SRoses are red, violets are blue … and picking the perfect Valentine’s Day flower is so hard to do! Actually, it only feels like it is. When you’re looking for a truly original bouquet for your Valentine, it may seem like there are way too many options out there. But knowing what each type of flower symbolizes helps you choose the one that best represents your never-ending devotion. Not a flower expert? Not a problem! Here’s our guide to five popular Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings so you can find the best way to say, “You make my heart bloom with passion!”


This one is a no-brainer. Roses can be found everywhere on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. These radiant red flowers have been the ultimate symbol of romance and beauty since the ancient Greeks dedicated the flower to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Their petals practically ooze passion, and their long, slender stems give them an air of elegance and grace. Roses show your loved one that they are a true classic, so opt for these buds if your Valentine is a traditional diehard romantic.

Bouquet You’ll Love: Blooming Love Premium Red Roses


Sweetest Love Tulips

Running a close second in the race for most popular Valentine’s Day flowers, this beautiful red bulb is known all over the globe as the symbol of perfect love. It gets its starry-eyed reputation from a Turkish legend in which a prince, after finding out that the love of his life was killed, took his own life. The flower was said to spring from his drops of blood, and its dark center is the proof of his flaming passion. Other tulip color meanings: cream-colored tulips signify everlasting love; white, newness; pink, compassion and affection; orange, energy and desire. So if your sweetie brings nothing but fresh, colorful excitement to your world, give them a rainbow-like bundle of tulips to show them that your love will never grow old or stale.

Bouquet You’ll Love: Sweetest Love Tulips

A-DOG-Able Lucky in LoveCarnations

These fragrant little blossoms are the sweetest expression of pure love. The white variety is the symbol of good luck and innocence, and red carnations embody fascination, individuality and affection, making them the ideal gift for the adorable, one-of-a-kind darling who’s stolen your heart and run away with it.

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Valentine’s Day Card Messages For Your Special Someone

January 31, 2017

Although you shouldn’t need an excuse to express your feelings to someone that you care about, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Are you starting to think about who you’ll write to this year? Remember – Valentine’s Day isn’t just limited to husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends; you can also show your appreciation for moms, dads and friends too! Before you sit down to start writing out your cards this year, take a look at our Valentine’s Day card message ideas to get your juices flowing.

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16 Warm Weather Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

January 30, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you either have no what to do, or are still toying around with various date ideas. If it’s warm in your area and you’re looking to have a hot Valentine’s Day date this year, we’ve got some warm weather date ideas that are sure to heat up your date.

Take a Romantic Stroll

Walk, jog, run, hike, skip… whatever tickles your fancy, go on a romantic stroll with your Valentine to spend some quality alone time together. Get bonus points by packing a lunch with your favorite things for a picnic. Location matters here too depending what kind of adventure you’re looking for, pick what works for you. If you’re both outdoorsy a nearby forest or mountain would be great. If you love the beach, a nearby ocean may be a better bet. Even though familiar places are always a sure win, exploring new places is always a great way to make new memories!

Wine Flights and Vineyard Walks

Everyone knows vineyards are some of the most beautiful places to visit, which also makes them great date spots! Taste some amazing wines while walking through the vineyard and enjoying the stunning scenery.

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Chinese New Year 2017: The Year of the Rooster

January 24, 2017

Break out the party hats and noisemakers (that you probably just got done packing up) because it’s time to count down to the New Year…again! Saturday, January 28th officially kicks off the Chinese New Year. What started many years ago as a cultural celebration of the new lunar calendar and animal has quickly turned into a global phenomenon, with countries around the world taking part in the celebration. In honor of the upcoming festivities, let’s take a moment to learn about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New year 2017: Year of the Rooster

Fun Facts About the Chinese New Year

  • This year is the year of the rooster. The Chinese calendar follows a 12 year lunar cycle, making those born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005 fellow roosters.
  • The start date always varies sometime between January 21st and February 20th and is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Over 1 billion red envelopes are sold and traded among friends, family and even coworkers during the New Year. Typically, people exchange money and coins.
  • After Hong Kong, London has the biggest parties honoring the New Year. In 2015, more than 500 thousand people flooded the streets of London to celebrate.
  • The most fireworks in the world are sold during the Chinese New Year. No other place in the world has ever had as many fireworks go off in the same hour as China does when the New Year strikes (sorry America, but the 4th of July has around 1/10th the amount of fireworks). It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since China is responsible for 90% of the firework manufacturing in the world.
  • “Xinnian Kuaile” means “Happy New Year” and is pronounced”sshin-nyen kwhy-luh.”

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Top 5 Reasons to Order Early for Valentine’s Day

January 20, 2017

We know that every year you SAY you’re going to plan Valentine’s Day early (or maybe you’re a really honest person), but it rarely ever happens. So this year, make it your New Years resolution to get your gifting out of the way and you can get back to the game! Who wants to spend football Sunday worrying about which flowers to buy, anyway? If you need a little extra motivation, here are 5 reasons you should order your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts ASAP:

 Get The Best Deals

Just like Black Friday has the best deals for Christmas a few weeks in advance, you can also find the best deals on Valentine’s Day flowers & gifts if you plan ahead. According to the Society of American Florists (SAF), 44% of florists provided early-order incentives last year, which means there are plenty of reasons not to wait till the last minute. You can save up to 40% on our Valentine’s collection here! Continue Reading…