Amazing Animal Moms That We’re Wild About

From cleaning tips to emotional support, Mom is the go-to gal for all of life’s odds and ends. While all Moms are unique and have their own specializations and routines, they follow us from birth to adulthood, and then continue to offer their motherly love and advice even when we then become parents ourselves.

Just like our own Moms, mothers in the animal kingdom all have their own parenting styles and methods. Here are 6 standout animal Moms that take parenting very seriously.

Amazing Moms of the Animal Kingdom:

Polar Bear

Polar bears make living in the frozen tundra look easy! With temperatures reaching lows of up to -40°F, the mama bear ensures her cubs stay warm by digging an underground den for her and her newborns. There they will hibernate for the coldest winter months, with the cubs living off of Mom’s milk while Mom remains without food until the harshest temperatures of the winter have passed; this is a process which can take up to 8 months; this sure puts a new spin on the term “hangry!”

Polar bears

Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog

Don’t let its size fool you, the female strawberry poison arrow frog takes her maternal duties very seriously. After her eggs hatch, mom then carries each of her tadpoles one by one to the top of rainforest trees to keep them from harms way. Talk about a post-pregnancy workout!


While octopodes lay hundreds of thousands of eggs, each cycle of eggs is just as important as the last. The mother octopus will spend about month caring for her layed eggs, making sure they remain undisturbed by predators. That fact may not sound too impressive, but wait until you hear the most shocking part – during that month the mother will not dare to leave the den, sometimes opting to eat one of her eight tentacles rather than leave her eggs alone.


There’s nothing in nature quite like the relationship between the Orangutan mama and her infant. The baby monkeys will rely heavily on the mother for the first two years of life, and continue to learn from their resourceful Mom’s until they are about seven years old. In order to ensure her children’s protection, she will keep them consistently on the move – building a new nest of branches almost every night.

mother orangutan with her baby

Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin moms get a bad rep. Animal observers put all of the spotlight on the fathers, who’s job it is to care for and protect the eggs shortly after the female lays them. While this penguin dad certainly deserves a lot of credit, let’s not forget what the penguin Mom does in the meantime; it her job to travel up to fifty miles to reach the ocean and gather sustenance for herself and her litter.

penguins nest


A twenty-two month pregnancy followed by the birth of a 200 pound baby? Sounds like one dedicated mama! Once the baby is finally born, it joins the unique matriarchal elephant society alongside their Mom, sisters, grandmothers, and aunts.



After a lengthy 14 to 15 month gestation period, the baby giraffe is finally born. For the first two weeks, it’s all up to the mother giraffe to feed and protect the young ones, and she will almost never leave their side. The mother and  calf will become so close in fact, that they will be able to recognize each other by scent and spot pattern alone.


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