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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Flower Crafts

Trendy Trifecta: DIY Planter Decorating with Gold Foil

February 23, 2015

diy-planter-gold-foil-decoratingLooking for the perfect way to add some dazzle to your workspace?Look no further than potted plants! They not only add a simple and chic fresh touch but plants also have tons of great benefits. Win-win!

We jam-packed 3 trends – DIY-ing, chic potted plants, and gold foil – and turned them into one super chic and trendy decoration to add a touch of glam to your work desk or study. The potted plant used here was the Succulent Garden by Real Simple®. It comes in a sleek white ceramic planter which served as the perfect canvas for what I had in mind. The best part? Not only was this craft so easy, but if you grow tired of the metallic look, the gold foil polka dots will come off easily with some rubbing alcohol!

Note:  A 1” round hole punch was used here to create the “polka dots.” You can choose whatever hole puncher you wish to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, if you do not have a hole puncher, you can easily use scissors and a pencil to trace and cut out your desired shapes.
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DIY Flower Crafts

Think Outside the Pot With These Decorative Planter Trends

February 2, 2015

Not only do they add a fresh touch to any atmosphere, plants also have countless health benefits. That’s why it’s no surprise that decorative plants and dish gardens are on the rise in popularity for homes, offices, and of course – yards.

Pair your fresh décor with an equally trendy and fresh planter to really add an extra special touch to the aesthetic! Here are 8 of our favorite planter trends for this year – try some of these out in your space! If you’re transferring your green, be sure to check out our post on how to repot a plant!

Creative Trends for Decorative Planters

Reuse & Refresh With Upcycled Found Items

decorative-planter-trends-found-items-watering-canRemember that old crate or tin (or even watering can) you just couldn’t get rid of because it had so much charm? Rather than have it collecting dust in the garage, give it new life by turning it into a planter! Leave it as is or decorate with labels and stickers to fit your needs.
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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Wine Glass Bamboo Gift

January 12, 2015

diy-wine-glass-bamboo-gift-labelsSometimes, the best gifts are ones that take a backseat to life, playing in the background versus taking a front seat. That’s why live plants and dish gardens make such great gifts – they’re stunning, add a breath of fresh air to the room and play a subtle yet important part in one’s every day lives. A plant placed on one’s work desk brightens their mood and day in a subtle way on a daily basis, while a flower or plant showcased in one’s living room makes for a much livelier atmosphere.

If you know someone who fancies themselves a wine aficionado or simply loves the sophistication of a classic bottle of red or white, surprise them with a lucky bamboo plant showcased in a chic wine glass!

Since we’re a big fan of personalized gifts, we put a personal touch on this gift by writing a surprise message on the inside of the glass with permanent marker. This step is optional.

The best part? Thank to the bamboo plant’s low maintenance nature, even someone with a brown thumb can appreciate this creative idea!
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DIY Flower Crafts

How to Turn A Glass Bottle Into A DIY Winter Vase

December 11, 2014

diy-winter-vaseGive an empty glass bottle new life again by turning it into a winter vase! This DIY idea is simple and inexpensive to recreate, making it the perfect complement to your holiday flowers. The key ingredient here is the Epsom Salts, which create a beautiful texture reminiscent of that first blanket of winter snow.

Just one winter flower bouquet becomes several eye-catching decorations and accent pieces that you can spread throughout your home for a winter twist on your home décor. Alternatively, you can make several of these with bottles of varying sizes and group together for a stunningly simple centerpiece for your holiday soiree.

While spray painting, use this technique: short bursts from side to side rather than holding down for long periods of time and spraying. It is better to do several coats than to douse in paint all at once.
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DIY Flower Crafts

How to Make Paper Poinsettias

December 3, 2014

how-to-make-paper-poinsettias-giftThere’s no denying that poinsettias are the quintessential holiday flower. While there’s nothing to replace the aesthetic of a fresh bouquet of poinsettias in a stunning holiday vase or basket, there are other less conventional ways to decorate using this holiday must-have.

Use our template to create your own paper poinsettias that you can attach to gifts, turn into name tags or place card settings, or simply sprinkle throughout the room for a fun pop of holiday cheer.

We used gold foil confetti for the middle of the flower, but you can choose any type of material from pearls to buttons to construction paper! Continue Reading…

DIY Flower Crafts

How to Turn a White Bouquet Into a Winter Flower Arrangement

November 25, 2014

Whether you’re decorating for a winter soiree or simply looking for a festive touch to add a taste of the season to your home décor, a winter floral arrangement can take any atmosphere from wow to WOAH.

Starting from a basic long-stemmed white rose bouquet, we came up with three simple methods for turning a plain white bouquet into a festive arrangement that will brighten the home.

Method One: Add Seasonal Bouquet Picks and Foliage


By simple slipping winter foliage such as twigs, ilex berries, or holly berries, you can instantly take your bouquet to the next level. Try making your own holiday flower pick by spray painting a twig bundle and gluing small ornaments to it. Continue Reading…

DIY Flower Crafts

How to Make Succulent Magnets

November 11, 2014

diy-succulent-magnets-fridgeToss out those boring old refrigerator magnets and give your fridge a much-needed fresh makeover with DIY Succulent Magnets!

We found adorable tiny ceramic pots at our local craft store, but you can use any similar shaped vessel for this craft. One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing materials for this craft is to make sure you purchase high-grade magnets such as neodymium magnets.

Alternatively, you can forgo the magnet and simply use these as mini succulent planters to decorate a desk space with – the perfect gift for bosses or coworkers!

Succulents should be watered once every 10 days; use an eyedropper to water these mini magnets for best results.
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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Fall Leaf Vase with Autumn Flowers

October 27, 2014

diy-fall-leaf-vase-longThere’s nothing quite as celebrated during autumn as the stunning fall foliage that tops the trees, sprinkles the ground, and fills the views from our windows. Celebrate the stunning colors of the season by turning an ordinary vase into a beautiful fall leaf vase filled with your favorite autumn flowers.

For a more rustic look, we chose to simply use glue to keep the 3-dimensional look of the leaves, but if you are looking for a more elegant feel, simply apply a liquid adhesive such as Mod Podge to the top of the leaf as well so it smoothes and compresses into the overall look of the vase.
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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Fall Decorations: How to Make Flower Pumpkins

October 7, 2014

diy-flower-pumpkins-2 Once fall comes around, the topic on everyone’s mind is pumpkins! Everything from pumpkin recipes to pumpkin crafts and of course to pumpkin decorations. Put a floral touch on this seasonal icon with your favorite fall flowers (we used mums) and a glue gun.

Make several of these in different shapes (don’t forget the gourds) and sizes for a beautiful and trendy fall spread. You can even tie nametags around your mini flower pumpkins and turn them into place cards for a stunning fall tablescape – the possibilities are endless!

Because you are dealing with fresh flowers and pumpkins, plan to create these beauties one to two days before those guests arrive.
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DIY Flower Crafts

Back to School in Flower Style

August 22, 2014

Looking for a way to stand out from your classmates? Put a fashionable spin on your school supplies with these back to school flower-inspired ideas!

Pen Your Love for Flowers


Spruce up that pencil case with a burst of floral fun with these DIY Flower Pens! Let your personality shine when designing your own pens by choosing your favorite flowers or flower colors.

Style it with Tape


Grab your school supplies, some colored tape, and a pair of scissors and bedazzle your folders and notebooks with diy tape flowers! From monochromatic to vibrant and patterned, you can customize your school supplies to reflect your unique personality – all’s fair in decorating with flowers!

Flower Style from Head to Toe

DIY Flower Headband for Back to School

Make a statement on the first day of school by arriving in full floral style from head to toe with a little help from this DIY flower headband craft idea. This unique accessory is sure to make your day a little brighter and your confidence soar. You’ve already got our vote for best dressed!

Simple Sophistication with Silk Flowers

Back to School Notebook Decorated With Flowers

Add a sophisticated floral touch to your notebooks with just some ribbon and silk flowers! This creative DIY notebook decorating idea is so easy to recreate and will add a touch of festive flair to your school supplies. The best part? The removable ribbon doubles as a bookmark – sure to help you make your way to the head of the class while staying stylish!