Celebrate Shabbat!

Recently, I was told that this Friday, March 5th, the Jewish holiday of Shabbat will be celebrated across America and Canada. For those of you who don’t know what the holiday Shabbat is, take a moment to read the following and learn about Shabbat!

Like any good holiday, Shabbat is generally celebrated with a meal shared with family and friends. Reconnecting with friends and within oneself fulfills the commandment to Remember Shabbat. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has partnered with Jewish Treats to make this Shabbat Across America extra special. So, this made me do a little research to find out just how flowers play a role in the holiday.

With the help of Jewish Treats, I learned some basic facts when it comes to bringing flowers for a Shabbat celebration.

Bouquets of flowers are certainly thoughtful, but putting those flowers into water during Shabbat can be a problem, as this falls into the m’la’cha (creative work prohibited on Shabbat). As you know, cut flowers will not continue to grow, but they will last longer in water and possibly blossom.

If you intend to bring flowers for your Shabbat hosts, it is very important that they are brought into the home before Shabbat. A flower arrangement may be placed on the table as a centerpiece and even moved about the house, as long as they remain in the same vase of water (and are not placed in a specific location where they might blossom better).

The fact that flowers can be moved distinguishes them from potted plants. A potted plant is already planted and growing. And remember, just as one may not put cut flowers into water on Shabbat, one may not water a potted plant– but what could be the problem with moving it? The answer is sunlight. When a person moves a potted plant on Shabbat, they directly affect the amount of light the plant receives, and, therefore, its ability to grow.

Wow! I can tell you I learned a lot about what to do (or not do) when it comes to flowers during Shabbat. This is very helpful whether you are celebrating the holiday or helping make this holiday special for others.

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Don’t forget to schedule your arrangement to be delivered Friday afternoon (before Shabbat) to wish someone a special Shabbat Shalom.

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