"For the Birds" Southern Belle Mansion
Product Code: 97888

"For the Birds" Southern Belle Mansion

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Treat your winged guests like royalty or let your friends to do the same with this gorgeous white birdhouse. The delicate and sophisticated carving of the birdhouse, complete with a balcony, will awe its human observers and feathered visitors as well. Specially designed for attracting the beloved Bluebird to its doors.

  • Totally practical for housing birds, the birdhouse is made of exterior grade ply-board, kiln-dried hardwoods, pine and ploy-resin, Western Red Cedar or Pine shingles and painted with an outdoor, water-based non-toxic paint
  • Features a 1 ½" D opening, a removable back for simple cleaning and includes mounting hardware
  • Designed to accommodate Bluebirds, the stylish white birdhouse features a faux balcony for visual glamour
  • For outdoor use only
  • Measures 14.5"H x 7.5"W x 12.5"D

Helpful Tips

When birds migrate home in the spring, the mother birds look for a secure home that is fixed to a post, tree, fence or the side of a house for which to make a nest.

Then, the mother birds will lay their eggs and protect their nest until the eggs hatch. They will stay and feed and care for their young until they are able to make their own way out in the world. At that point, the mother birds will abandon the house.

The owner of the birdhouse should clean out the old nest, via the removable back wall, so that the birds can return the following season to an available house.

Our birdhouses feature:

  • removable back walls for easy cleaning
  • ventilation
  • drainage
  • unpainted interiors

This birdhouse will attract all types of wild birds.

We do not use any chemicals or sealants that could harm wildlife. However, if you wish to preserve the finish of your birdhouse, you should select a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use and UV rated so that it will not discolor the paint. All of our products will weather over time but will continue to be fully functional.