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As florists, we are committed to supporting our everyday heroes throughout our communities.

Our caring team is delighted to introduce our "Imagine the Smiles" Program, an initiative designed to recognize, honor and celebrate members of our local communities, across the nation, who are deserving of a smile.

Know someone in your community who deserves a smile?
Nominate them today!

Smile Spotlight

Mary Keaney is a busy volunteer who tirelessly donates her time to her church and local nursing homes, and is also the treasurer of the Greenbriar Association. She was nominated to be recognized as part of the Imagine the Smiles program by Mary Thompson, who described her as a "one-of-a- kind woman," deserving of a smile. Florist Tom Addalia from 1-800-Flowers was delighted to deliver a beautiful Fruit Bouquet to celebrate Mary for everything she does for her community. Congratulations Mary!

I would like to nominate my friend Keri McDermott. It's been a month since the unexpected loss of Max, her first newborn, due to complications. Keri is the most kind hearted person I know, she puts her feelings aside and is constantly battling the "why?" Putting a smile on her face would be a blessing to get her back on her feet with a constant reminder that her friends and family want her to live again!

Sixteen years ago, Connie was informed of a condition that would cause her infant son to need open heart surgery immediately following delivery. Four short days after giving birth to her son Colby, Dr. Becker performed a life-saving open heart surgery on He is now a vibrant, happy teenager.

My mom is my hero. She continues to be diplomatic and strong even through trying times. She was taken to the hospital on April 18th and after 10 days she was transferred to rehabilitation where she stayed for two months. Therapy has been hard for her. She has recently moved into a retirement facility and is hoping to be transferred to assisted living soon. I'd love for her to be the recipient of your beautiful flowers. Thank you for brightening up the day for so many people!

In their roles at the Head Injury Association Shirley, Kristin and Linda hold the great responsibility of working with survivors to overcome everyday obstacles. To thank them for their time, effort and creative thinking putting a new program into place, they were surprised with beautiful arrangements from They are excellent role model for the staff, and the Head Injury Association is very fortunate to have them on their team.

My friend Anna just lost her sister in a tragic series of events. She could use a smile for sure as today is the funeral. Anna will also become the primary care provider for her sister's 4 year old daughter. Everyday will be special with her niece. Raising another's child is no easy task, especially under these circumstances; however, there was never a second thought of taking in her niece.

The team at Arizona Florist and had a blast presenting Beth McDonald at 99.9 KEZ with the their Imagine a Smile arrangement for all the great work she does at the radio station.

My friend Susan has been struggling with cancer for years now. Her mother and father died of cancer, and she has been an inspiration in my life. She is a fighter, she gets rid of one spot and it moves to another spot, but she never complains, she never gives up and she is always smiling..

Deanna has worked alongside the Executive Director of Harbor Child Care for nearly a decade, supporting over 800 families across Long Island, NY to provide high-quality childcare and a premier early childhood learning experience. She is an invaluable addition to Harbor who is admired by staff, board members and families alike.

My friend Susan has been struggling with cancer for years now. Her mother and father died of cancer, and she has been an inspiration in my life. She is a fighter, she gets rid of one spot and it moves to another spot, but she never complains, she never gives up and she is always smiling.

In honor of National Nurse's week, nurse Erika C. was nominated as an everyday hero by her husband, Chris. "My wife Erika deserves a smile because she is a nurse in the ER of a local children's hospital. She works tirelessly taking care of her young patients without complaint - not to mention she's pregnant with our first baby! She is amazing and I love her!"

I would like to nominate my mom Shauna H. My mom has always been the hardest working woman I have ever known. Never taking a handout, my mom has worked her butt off for everything she has. Earlier this year my dad (her husband) passed away due to heart failure. With both my brother and I in the military it has left her all alone as we all live in different states. Despite everything, she still holds a smile on her face and helps out anyone she can whenever she gets the chance, never expecting anything in return. She is dealing with a lot right now, still grieving the loss of my dad, but through it all she has been there to comfort us and offer her great words of wisdom and advice. My mom never looks at a glass half empty, she ALWAYS tries to find the best in every situation. I wish I could give my mom the moon and the stars but that wouldn't even be enough to express how much she is appreciated and how much she is loved by everyone who knows her. She has always been, and always will be, my hero!

I would like to nominate my best friend of over 35 years, Gina M. She is currently the caretaker for her 92 year old father, who is ill, and has been doing so for the past few years. She has some difficult days and this week has been more so. She deserves a smile! Thank you!

I would like to nominate someone who I haven't seen in 30 years. Her name is Shelly-Sarin S. We went to high school together on Bainbridge Island. We started planning our 30 year class reunion two years ago and re-connected. We talk on the phone constantly but have yet to have our girls day that we keep talking about. Shelly lost her job (which she desperately needs), just this last Tuesday. She needs a hug and because I can't be there to do that, a gift of flowers would certainly brighten her day and let her know how much I appreciate her friendship and cannot wait for our girls day.

I want to nominate my sister Jeanne S. She owns an ice cream franchise in Virginia Beach and, as all small businesses are today, she is struggling. Still she takes the time to get involved with supplying ice cream to the local ball parks for their games and to community organizations for their fund raising efforts. She is a true community hero in my eyes and many others.

I would like to nominate Brian F. In 2008, Bernie's Book Bank Founder and Executive Director Brian Floriani left his job as a golf professional to become a reading paraprofessional for Shiloh Park Elementary in Zion, Illinois. The sudden death of his father, Dr. Bernard P. Floriani for whom Bernie's Book Bank is named, inspired him to do something different with his life. Brian spent every day working with struggling readers. While he was able to help each one individually, he realized that his efforts were not doing anything to prepare young readers to enter school. After learning that only 24 percent of incoming six-year-old children in Waukegan, Illinois interacted with books, Brian began to envision a business that would pour children's books into at-risk homes, and help prepare children to enter school "reading ready." He began collecting children's books in his garage and distributed them in age-appropriate bags to children at Shiloh Park Elementary and thus, Bernie's Book Bank was born. Today, Brian is confident that Bernie's Book Bank can and will transform the educational journeys of at-risk children throughout America. He is thankful for every person who has helped us connect children needing books with books needing children. Brian and Bernies Book Bank deserve all the smiles they can get for providing so many themselves.

Eileen, my wife, deserves a smile. She's a hard-working wife & mother and sole provider for our family. She's devoted, attentive, and available both at home and at the office. No one knows how she pulls it off. Thanks honey!

I would like to nominate Jerre F. She works in the office of the Senior Citizen community I live in. This community is very close, more like a small town than an apartment complex. Jerre is delightful and loved by all. She comes into the morning coffee, greeting everyone with a smile and a hug. This is not to mention the unseen ways that she contributes. I've seen her donate to activities when our funds were low, buy food for people who needed it, help people arrange proper healthcare, and join in with those of us who live here on her off time. She is humble, funny and sweet. She does so much for the people who live here, that to us, she is an everyday hero who deserves a smile.

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