Rosemary Tree in Drum Planter
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Rosemary Tree in Drum Planter

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Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Shipped in a Gift Box
Shipped in a Gift Box
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery

Known for its versatility in everything from healing to seasoning, the fragrant rosemary tree can help them decorate in style. A twist on the familiar, ours arrives in a snazzy red and gold drum planter, all wrapped up in a perfect bow to bring a touch of outdoor beauty to the tabletop.

  • Fresh rosemary tree will become the center of their holiday décor, with its light fragrance and classic beauty.
  • Arrives in a stunning red and gold drum planter; measures 6"D
  • Finished off with a brilliant bow, it makes a unique centerpiece or tabletop tree, at a sensational value
  • Measures overall approximately 22"H
  • Bow may vary
  • When Spring comes, it’s ready to head outdoors

Planting Tips

  • Light: This tree prefers hours of bright light with a south or west exposure. Low light produces leggy growth.

  • Water: Water immediately upon receipt. Afterwards, water regularly to keep soil moist but not soggy. Rosemary requires excellent drainage, but don’t let it sit dry for a week. As soon as the soil dries; it is time to water. Try to never let it sit dry for more than a day.

  • Planting: In May, your Rosemary Tree is ready to go outside and be planted. However, in the Fall, your Rosemary Tree must go back indoors.

  • Rosemary should not be subjected to temperatures below 20 degrees F. Some recommend bringing the pot indoors before the furnace is turned on.

  • In winter when it is dormant, it needs a cool, brightly lit spot in a home. If you want rosemary to thrive indoors, set the thermostat down to about 63–65°F.