Home Tweet Home Birdhouse for Mom
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Home Tweet Home Birdhouse for Mom

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Home “Tweet” Home! This truly original birdhouse is fully functional, for a space that your feathered friends will love flocking to. It features decorative window boxes and planters to make it as beautiful as it is practical for even the most die-hard birding enthusiasts.

  • Fully functional, cottage style birdhouse constructed of exterior grade ply-board, Western Red Cedar or Pine roof shingles, kiln-dried hardwoods, pine and poly resin for detail and decorations and outdoor, non-toxic paint
  • Features a 1 ¼"D opening, a removable back wall for easy cleaning, drainage, ventilation, and an unpainted interior
  • Includes decorative window boxes, planters and a heart-shaped wreath on the front door for a homey touch
  • For outdoor use only
  • Measures 10"H x 8"W x 8.25"D

    Helpful Tips

    When birds migrate home in the Spring, the Mothers look for a secure house that it fixed to a post, tree, fence or the side of a house. Once they find a safe dwelling, they build a nest.

    When completed, the Mother will lay her eggs and protect the nest until the eggs hatch. The mother will feed and care for the young nestlings until they are strong enough to make their way out into the real world. Eventually, the mothers will abandon the house.

    The owner should clean out the old nest (back wall is easily removable) so that the birds can return the following season to an empty and available house.

    Our birdhouses feature:

    • removable back walls for easy cleaning
    • ventilation
    • drainage
    • unpainted interiors
    • 1 ¼"D hole opening designed to accommodate common cavity dwellers such as Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice.

    This birdhouse will attract all types of wild birds.

    We have not used any chemicals or sealants that could be harmful to wildlife. Should you wish to preserve the finish of your birdhouse, you should select a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use and UV rated so that it will not discolor the paint. With time, all of our products that are left outdoors will need to be refinished. The pine shingles will darken over time, and the piece will take on a weathered and distressed look, but it will continue to be fully functional.