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Virginia Candle Co.® of the Month
Product Code: 139290
January's Fragrance of the Month January's Fragrance - Tumbler Flickering Fireside
February's Fragrance of the Month February's Fragrance - Pink Cupcake
March's Fragrance of the Month March's Fragrance - Small Damask Woods
April's Fragrance of the Month April's Fragrance - Trilogy Ocean Escape
May's Fragrance of the Month May's Fragrance - Scalloped Oval Scarlett Berry
June's Fragrance of the Month June's Fragrance - Medium décor Glass- Lavender Pearl
July's Fragrance of the Month July's Fragrance - Willow
August's Fragrance of the Month August's Fragrance - Reserve Driftwood
September's Fragrance of the Month September's Fragrance - Trilogy Sunset Bonfire
October's Fragrance of the Month October's Fragrance - Brownstone Oval
November's Fragrance of the MonthNovember's Fragrance - Biscotti
December's Fragrance of the Month December's Fragrance - Christmas Holly

Virginia Candle Co.® of the Month

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There’s nothing like a beautiful scented candle to create a relaxing ambiance any time of year. Our Virginia Candle of the Month program features uniquely designed candles that capture a new and enticing fragrance, from the sweet aroma of cupcakes to festive Christmas Holly. Each month they’ll receive a seasonally-scented RibbonWick™, which gives off a hypnotic flame-like effect; or a WoodWick®, which creates the soothing sound of crackling fire.

  • January: WoodWick® Flickering Fireside
  • February: RibbonWick™ Pink Cupcake
  • March: RibbonWick™ Damask Woods
  • April: Woodwick® Trilogy Ocean Escape
  • May: RibbonWick™ Scarlett Berry
  • June: RibbonWick™ Lavender Pearl
  • July: WoodWick® Willow
  • August: WoodWick® Driftwood
  • September: WoodWick® Trilogy Sunset Bonfire
  • October: RibbonWick™ Brownstone
  • November: Woodwick® Biscotti
  • December: RibbonWick™ Christmas Holly