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Indian Hawthorne Bonsai
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Indian Hawthorne Bonsai

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The Hawthorne is a beautiful flowering evergreen shrub bursting with lavish star-shaped pink blossoms in the springtime. What's more, the flowers develop into dark purple berries the birds will enjoy. In common use as a decorative shrub, their petite oval leaves are a rich glossy-green color and form a dense canopy--which is precisely what makes them ideal for training and pruning in the bonsai tradition. They're a lovely ornamental for all your outdoor living spaces, whether poolside, patio, or garden.

  • The Indian Hawthorne bears five-petaled pink blossoms and thick greenery
  • Pink blooms will appear in early April and last throughout May
  • Site outdoors with a half day of full morning sun and afternoon shade
  • Indian Hawthorne bonsai measures 15"H x 8"W
  • High-fired ceramic container measures 10"L x 6"W
  • Native to the subtropics, this specimen will flourish in warm and dry areas, Zone 7 through Zone 11
  • Planter size and color may vary