Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Ah, Thanksgiving. Many people across the nation look forward to this holiday not only to catch up with family and friends, or to get together and watch football, but to eat a delicious turkey with all the trimmings too! In fact, the holiday is often referred to as “Turkey Day.” Some of the most common foods eaten on Thanksgiving Day are stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, and pumpkin pie—all dishes native to the Americas.

But if you really love to cook, why not try something completely different this Thanksgiving?

1-800-FLOWERS.COM recently partnered with some of the most prestigious names in the culinary world to create our Thanksgiving gift baskets collection. Great for any occasion, they’re especially great to give (or to get!) during Thanksgiving to make your celebration an unforgettable gourmet feast! CAN WE GET SOMETHING ABOUT SMILES OR TRULY ORIGINAL IN HERE?

Once you’ve found the perfect Thanksgiving turkey recipe, like this brined and hickory-smoked Thanksgiving Turkey recipe from “The Professor of Barbecue” Steven Raichlen, pair up your bird with some delicious fixin’s. This wonderful Cornucopia of Fruit Gift Basket is overflowing with succulent fruits, hearty cheddar cheese, savory toasted almond halves, and natural pistachios.

When dinner is over, have your guests wash down all that delicious food with a steaming cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. The Starbucks Break Time Gift Basket, which comes with two Starbucks coffee mugs, features three different blends of ground coffee, Tazo Zen and Awake teas, and four varieties of sweet treats to accompany your favorite brew.

If your guests happen to be devoted hot chocolate fans, the Autumn Leaves Cocoa & Mug Gift Basket is stacked with Ghirardelli double chocolate and white mocha cocoa mixes, two Thanksgiving-themed mugs, chocolate hazelnut cookies and butter toffee.

Instead of spending hours baking dessert, indulge your guests with delectable gourmet snacks. The Grand Cornucopia Gourmet Gift Basket is filled with Walker’s chocolate chip and hazelnut biscuits, Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares with caramel filling, Otis & Betty’s original snack mix and more.

Want the perfect Thanksgiving dessert to wrap up dinner? Add a sweet finishing touch with the incredible Artisan Baked Apple Caramel Cookie Pie or Cheryl’s Thanksgiving Dessert Basket.

The Shades of Autumn Gourmet Gift Basket holds a bounty of DeBeukelaer Pirouline chocolate flavor lined wafer rolls, classic shortbread, Alpenglow sparkling apple juice, Twinings spiced apple chai tea and more. A great idea for the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, when you want to get out of the kitchen and to the mall!

For more information, and for our marvelous menu of products, check out our fall gift baskets collection today!

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