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Fieldstone Birdfeeder
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Fieldstone Birdfeeder

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EXCLUSIVE This festive and fully functioning outdoor birdfeeder is perfect to welcome feathered friends for a holiday feast. With a charming winter wreath on the front door, a red flower box in the window above and a cheery snowman with a red cardinal perched on his glove, it'll be the nicest house in the tree! Best of all, as the seasons change so does the décor. Simply switch out the winter decorations with the included spring wreath and flowerpot. Featuring a genuine fieldstone façade, it's a truly original way to send smiles to bird lovers or nature enthusiasts.

  • Birdfeeder is composed of a genuine fieldstone façade and a matching fieldstone chimney
  • The front side is decorated with a red door, red flower box, a snowman with a red cardinal, a miniature birdhouse, a wood log and a removable wreath on the front door
  • Snowman and Christmas wreath can be changed out to a flowerpot and Spring wreath; all decorations included
  • The back of the birdfeeder is decorated with 2 red flower boxes and window trim
  • The roof slides up on a galvanized chain to allow access to the inside cavity, which can be filled with birdseed and will attract nature's feathered friends
  • Recommended for outdoor use, it can be displayed inside as part of the holiday décor
  • Long-lasting keepsake can be displayed year after year
  • Measures 10.5"H x 6"W x 7"D

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